Christmas Candle Tutorial and Printable

Christmas Vigil Candle Craft

Well it is Monday so you have to know that I busted out the crafting supplies  over the weekend to work on a Graphics Fairy craft. Really I am just about helpless when it comes to using her images for some relaxing crafty time and this week I fell in love with her sweet angel boy  and thought you all might like a printable. I wanted to do a candle wrap of some type so this seemed like the perfect go together!

Candle Wrap Supplies
Glass Vigil Candle
Image printed onto frosted label paper (vellum type)
Glittering glue
Glitter (or as my kids call it- the herpes of the craft world- I am sure this makes me a bad mom since this makes me laugh each time)

This could not get more easy. I started with a dollar store glass vigil candle. These are a bit thinner than some at 7 inches around and about 8.5 inches tall. The wax is poured to about 5.5 inches high on average so I scaled this printable to be inches wide and 5.5 tall.  If your vigil candle is bigger you obviously shop someplace better than I do so will have to  adapt your printable. I would  square it off after printing and then just stick it to the front of your candle glass. In my case it wrapped totally around.

How to Make the Candle
I used 2 different GF images for this printable. I merged and tweaked them in Photoshop so they would print  as a  soft sweet image that the flame would glow through over time. Print off the image which I have hosted HERE. You will need to print it onto vellum-type full sheet label stock   It can be hard to find so check the link* so you will know what you are looking for.

After printing I cut to  the image to size, released the backing paper and  carefully smoothed onto the clean glass. This can be a bit tricky, just go slow and smooth as you go.

After that it's all about the glitter.. and as the queen of " just a little bit more" it can be hard to know were and when to stop. I tried to be conservative on this one and and just went with some "snow" around the top of the image and a bit of color to hi-light the details.. but you can go wild here.. you have my blessing! The glitter glue will dry clear but it seems I am also little-miss-impatient and took these photos before that happened.

Remember, that for safety you should only burn vigil candles down to 1/2 inch after that the flame can over heat the glass and it can crack.

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Audrey Pettit said...

This is fabulous, Maddie! Absolutely LOVE this!

M.T. Pocketts said...

Love your description of glitter--couldn't agree more! This is a nice project; I will probably shamelessly copy your idea.

Unknown said...

Beautiful Maddie!! I love how you softened him, it makes that angel boy look even sweeter!

Pamela said...

Love it, Maddie. I think you ARE elevating housekeeping to a creative art! I can't wait to make some of these.