Crap-Free Christmas for Teens

Lets face it, teens are easy to shop for.. they want gift cards to their favorite stores but this can be a bit lack luster for the giver so I like to kick things up a crap-free notch by at least adding in a little something else that can be used by the teen and not just end up as more clutter in an already cluttered bedroom ( or maybe that is just my teens)

For the guitar player in your life this is the MOST awesome gift ... really I am so excited to get it for a couple of my hard-rockers and see what they come up with... what could it be you ask???

A die punch to make your own guitar picks!  PICK PUNCH      For Amazon Prime folks use this link so you can get the free shipping  HERE   I am giving this punch with a gift card to the  small local music store so not only a cool gift but shopping local.. can't get better than that!

Are you hip to the sock revolution?.. glorious, fancy, warm and fantastic, socks are for showing off and being on the cutting edge of style while keeping warm and looking great. Locally really cool socks are much harder to find that is why SOCK DREAMS is my go-to location for these fantastic foot styles.

For teen girls the thigh-high and over the knee styles rule the day  so when giving a gift card to their favorite clothing store I like to roll it up in a pair of these fantastic SOCK DREAMS socks.  And if you happen to have a hard core sock lover on your hands SOCK DREAMS even does their own gift cards for your giving pleasure.  ( And yes if you are wondering what to get me I would love one of their gift cards too!)

For the young driver nothing beats a gift card to a local gas station.. but why not add in something to keep them safe on the road. My choice is a car safety kit  by AAA. Everyone needs one, few people have one. Be the angel that puts this in their car and teaches them how to use it.

Tomorrow.. Crap-Free relatives!

p.s. Wicked Wednesday will resume next week... just you wait!


Kari Curley said...

I LOVE socks...preferably not matched. Thanks for the socks' site, Maddie!

Allison said...

Ooo, I don't think my teen niece has a sock fetish yet. Maybe that's a good investment...