Crap-Free Holiday Part 1.5

I hope that you enjoyed part 1 of the Crap-Free holiday series and am loving the comments and suggestions!  Today I thought I would talk about the slightly older child while drifting even a bit teen-ward where things can get sort of difficult if not expensive!

For those in cold weather climate I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest a creative basket filled with  stretchy gloves. Enough to keep the hands warm through many a snowball fight!  Fill out the basket with all types of hot-coco mixes and some marshmallows for a super cute winter-themed gift that will really get used!

These gloves are so easy to find right now at as little as $1 a pair, ( Target has some nice ones, the Dollar Store pairs are a bit more iffy) making this a very thrifty gift. But maybe you want to go a little further.. add some establishments to some of the pairs. For teens girls THIS is sure to be a hit.  For the little people here are some adorable ideas.

You can't beat these for texting teens, and I have already ordered a dozen pairs ( easy at $3 for 3 pairs) for the  texting tweeters in in my life and I will be offering up some embellishment   ideas for them as soon as they get here so watch for that! ( oddly this year I can't find this finger less style locally- weird)

For the brain child in your life I can't say enough about Brain POP   "animated, curriculum-based content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement"- which is just a fancy way of saying that it is FUN wrapped around and woven through top notch educational content. There is quite a bit of free trial offer but I went straight for the good stuff with a year long membership. Just think.. answering all those questions you are a bit fuzzy about.. like what defines a polygon or  how many phyla in the invertebrate family..uhh yeh.. I know you are scrambling, but it's ok since Brain POP does know and presents it in a way your kids will understand.  I think this is a fantastic Grandparent gift.. or maybe a from a favorite aunt or uncle. No muss, no fuss and 1 whole year of amazing content--can you tell I like it??

This is the gift that you could have knocked me sideways about how popular it is around here. Two of my kids have them and the others want them. For reading in bed they are fantastic and despite the rather dull photo that Amazon if offering  on the first style they do come in some cool color that you can see after you click. Not to mention the fuzzy one that I think would be faboo for a soft snuggle in bed. If you are an Amazon Prime person I believe that your shipping is free on these so you can't beat that!  If you don't do online shopping I have found these at Bed, Bath and Beyond on occasion but the price was closer to $50

So what do you think..have any of the ideas so far sparked a crap-free gift giving idea for you??

Want to give your family a subtle hint?.. just click the Facebook link at the bottom to share this on your wall.. maybe they will get the hint!

Yep, still have affiliate links, thinking I might be able to keep the good shampoo this month!


Stitchfork said...

Oh wait -- I want some of those texting gloves for ME!
xo Cathy

Unknown said...

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Claire said...

I was able to find one of the prop up pillows for less than $30 in a mall department store. A great gift for anyone who reads or uses their laptop in bed.

Robyn of Coffee and Cotton said...

Me and my daughters have always called those "Husband Pillows"...why? I have no idea although my DH has one too and calls it his husband pillow much to his chagrin! They are wonderful for reading in bed