Getting the Sexy Back - Wicked Wednesday

The Fed-ex guy said I did not look like a "homeschool mom" - good!

I keep loosing my sexy,  one moment there it is.. I pay attention to it.. it rocks, I rock, the planets are in alignment and the angels sing.. but the second my back is turned getting all busy with kids and cat-boxes, dead car alternators and leaky toilets it goes and sneaks off, no card or letter.. gone.  I actively have to go find the damn thing and drag it back. I am happy I do each time but dang it's easy for it to slip away and then for me to feel like total crap.

If this has not happened to you please feel free to continue on your way.. since there is not going to be much else here for you today ( but do check back tomorrow!).. but for the rest of us I am going to throw down my top 7 tips for finding your sexy when it goes off and hides.

1)Ban the sweatshirt-

Simple.. there is NO WOMAN who looks good in a sweatshirt. Worse yet one with  frolicking big eyed kittens or a college or football teams emblazoned across the boobage. I don't care if you are 18 or 82, get those things out of your wardrobe.  Instead  for really casual times choose a cute hoodie and a scoop-neck t shirt*    Want to rev-up a plain hoodie?.. I did a little video.. check it out HERE

From J Jill 
2) Dont wear Mens style t-shirts
Men's style t-shirts have neck lines that are much higher than women's style. These are not flattering on most any woman. Take the time to get a t shirt styled for a woman. It will take off 10 visual pounds!

3) Take Some Time to Find Your Own Style-
While you don't have to be on the cutting edge of fashion or spend tons of money spend some time looking around out there to see what is new and fresh that you might be able to or want to wear. Take some time to go through your wardrobe and pull out the items that while they might be "comfy" don't leave you looking your best.  Be ruthless and get rid of anything that makes you feel crappy. If it leaves you with 6 pieces start from there.  This season I am LOVING sweater knit dresses. They are easy to wear each and every day with a pair of tights and some boots.

 And please know these options are not just for the reed-thin among us.  I am  177 pounds and while I can't rock the bear leg anymore I would totally wear this dress with tights or leggings and encourage you to give it a try too. These dresses are SO comfortable!

4) Take care of the Personal Grooming - 'Nuff said   HERE

5) Get some sleep -
sleep makes you sexy. I need 8 hours, yes, more than some but less than that for more than a few days and I am a real witch.. witches are not really sexy or confident.. just saying

6) Spend money on yourself - I think as mothers and especially homeschool mothers we are really guilty of spending way  more on our kids than on ourselves. We love those crazy kids and want the best for them so cheat ourselves thinking we can " get by" with last years t-shirt (it's just a little stain) or that no one will care that our hair looks like we did it with a mix-master.. but you know who cares?.. your kids. And while they might not say much they are watching everything you do. What sort of message of self worth and value are we teaching them by not caring for ourselves?

7) Have Sex - Yep.. there it is, have sex to help you feel sexy. The health benefits of sex are numerous and well documented. It relives tension, helps you sleep, burns calories  and more. What's not to like?

But most of all know that you have great value and worth, you are amazing and so very deserving of good self care and rockin' the gracious creature you are.. now get moving!

I welcome you to add your own tips here or on the D.A. Facebook page!


AnnaPK said...

Your timing on this post couldn't have been more perfect! This morning as I put on my old worn out clothes I thought to myself, "I have got to stop dressing like this!" I used to be pretty darn cute, I need to work on getting back there- well near there, I have had 3 babies. ;)

I will be rereading this post to help keep me motivated, thank you Maddie!

KatBouska said...

Sigh...the have sex part...really?? Do I HAVE to!?! ;)

Audrey Pettit said...

I am chuckling to myself because I can really relate to this post. I find myself losing my sexy all the time........and the scary thing is I care less and less as time goes on...but then I try to amp it up a little bit again here and there, so I'm not a total loss yet. :)

Diane said...

Dear DA - you are, again, as usual, spot on with both your observations and suggested remedies. The bad news is it gets worse (heads up warning - menopause is not for sissies). Start moving these things (sleep, clothes that fit and don't have any stains, etc.) from the "when I have time" list to the "must do" list now. They become even more important as you get older, cause your sexy gets better and better at going AWAL at a moment's notice and it gets harder and harder to drag it, kicking and screaming, back home. Of all of these, sleep is the most important. And wine. Wine is very, very important.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. And those of us with short necks or no necks should never wear high necks. I only wear scoop necks. Yes, it stops me from buying cute boat necks, but those do not belong here! What about horizontal stripes? Those can really add on the pounds!

Kelly said...

Seems you are in my head!! I'm finding my sexy when I get home; I (think) I know right where I left it! Thanks for this post.

Jani said...

Love this article. Thanks for giving some good tips or reconnecting with my sexy side :) Love those blue tights in your picture btw!


Unknown said...

Love this post! My sexy seems to disappear after a whole week of wearing scrubs to work. I would actually like to improve the looks of my workout clothes. There is no reason not to look sexy even when you are working up a sweat. It is time for me to say goodbye to the baggy tshirt and ugly shorts! I definitely need to be reminded that it makes you feel good if you look good!

Round Rock Gal said...

Wow! Your points are spot on. I find that whenever I allow myself to gain weight & stop exercising a general "malaise" just kicks in and I stop caring what I look like which is completely unacceptable!

Good luck with your weight loss and for keeping your readers motivated as well!

FYI - I met you at BBC - Atlanta. After that weekend I spent 4 days in San Diego visiting with friends and am just now getting back into blogging and networking. Figuring out Twitter took me a while, but now I find myself somewhat addicted. I think I need to limit my intake on that or I will never get back to writing.

I love your blog, and hope to find myself motivated to learn how to sew and craft 1/10 as well as you.

Happy Sunday!

Lisa Waszkiewicz / Franny Bolsa said...

It's the shaving thing that gets me every single time. I hate shaving. Mostly because it irrates my skin so bad. I'm going to have to give the Coochy cream a try.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is I'm making an "emergency" trip to VS this am for a couple of bras (mine are THREE YEARS OLD!) before we head down to Chicago for a date night. The kind of date night that involves the Little Black Dress I found at Burlington yesterday for $25, tickets to Rush at the United Center, a hotel and free passes to a couple of "Gentleman's Clubs".

I'm going to see if I can get a last minute pedi, too.

I'm already a scoop neck fan, just need to get the hoodies. I wear dh's swiftwater hooded sweatshirts. Not sexy because I'm usually not naked under it. :)

(I'm Blogger impaired and always have to sign in Anonymous)