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How long has it been since you surprised the hell out of your husband and initiated sex? Not acquiesced to his begging, not grudgingly agreed or at the very worst agreed that he could have his way but you were going to try to get some sleep? ( Don't say you don't know what I mean) - When is that last time you knocked him over, took his breath away and  left him not knowing which way was up?

If you have to count the days on two hands you might be in trouble, if you are now taking off your shoes to count toes or more we need to talk.  You see it's not that I don't understand, I just combat it as actively as possible- a hormonal war to win for the sake of my marriage if you will.

I know you love your man ( if you don't we need to have a different type of talk).. you love him, at one point he made you so hot that you thought you would go out of your mind if you were not able to get it on with him.. so what changed?

Well, a lot. We had kids, we go older, we got busier and our hormones are shifting. Luckily this is not the be all end all that is sounds like and can look like.  This is not a problem for everyone, but  to quote a mom who shall be nameless and blameless "My husband wants sex 4 times a week, I would be happy with 4 times a month, where did the horny me go?"  Better yet, how do we get her back?. Yes get her back.. she was fun, she was hot, was was spontaneous and she lead her man around like a puppy with just a glance. Now he is more worried that a look from you means that you want him to take out the trash.. not good!

How to find Your Lost Naughty Girl

Find her in a book - Books on sex range from the clinically boring to the obscure and freaky and I will admit that trying to find time to browse the shelf at you local book store can be hard when your kid wants nothing more than to play with the Thomas the Tank Engine Table and it seems wrong to bring the Modern Karma Sutra into the kids section. So with that in mind I give you my top picks via my Amazon shop ( you can also try your local library). Not that anyone would be surprised but my collection is sort of extensive in this genre so this is what I like and for what reason. 

( Full disclosure - each photo is an Amazon Affiliate link through my storefront, but also links to other reviews of the books I am suggesting, proceed as the adult you are.)

Deep in your baby years? 

Love in a Time of Colic 
This book rocks, the straight scoop on the changes for both of you that happen when baby makes three (or more).  I think this one is even better to read before so you will know what to expect, but still a ton of fun and inspiration after the fact.  Think of this as a great baby shower gift- in the right circles!

Confessions of a Naughty Mommy
Along the same lines but maybe a bit farther down the track, this books helps you get a handle on where your groove went and how to coax it back and why that is really important for your marriage!

Past the baby stage and trying to remember how to strut your stuff? ( yep at one point I totally forgot how.. painful  stuff that)...  I LOVE this book.. it is actually quite a serious look at how to find your sexual self through sexual expression. Carol Queen is a top notch writer and this book has gotten top marks from me for years now 

Exhibitionism for the Shy

Best Women's Erotica

Sometimes lighting a mental fire is all it takes to stoke up your own passion and just about anything that Violet Blue edits is going to do that. This book is an anthology of fantastic erotica writers who come together each year with their best offerings. Not everything will light everyone's fire, but it is one smoking hot book that is for sure.

She Comes First

And last but not least a little something to tuck on his side of the bed after you read it first.. and you will want to since  it is written in a way that that makes the most subject at hand. I really like the tone used in this book and that it was written by a guy for guys.. priceless.. totally a great read.

That should get you started... more next Wednesday!


Julia said...

Such books can teach any woman how to spice things up in her bedroom.
I'm not proud to admit this but I had some problems with my husband and a book thought me how to fix them.
I found it on all you can books, and it made me understand that sometimes the woman must took over the initiative, not just the man....

Suzanne said...

I will definitely look at all these books. Sadly, my passion has taken a sabbatical and I need it to come back NOW! No more excuses!