Picking the Right Crockpot Slow cooker

Nothing like a church supper to give you a chance to look at a whole bunch of crock pots and either feel smug about your really cool one or cast a wistful glance at the really cool one the new bride just brought in the nifty insulated carry bag ( oh yeh- I was green with envy)  No matter if you call them crock pots or slow cookers they are a staple of a busy, time efficient kitchen and I try to make 2 such meals a week.  (Believe me I am trying!)

I pulled out my big crock today to make Crock pot chicken and dumplings  and must admit I might have a problem.. it seems I actually own 3 crock pots, and that is down from the 5 I did have! So while not the queen of crocking by any stretch here is what I know and like. (Each photo should link)

Let's start with my big one-

I like to call him "speedy" since for the very reason others are not so fond of him. I embrace him for his ability to get hot enough fast enough to take a large pork tenderloin from fully frozen to a delish dinner in 5 hours (ever forget to pull out the meat from the freezer the night before.. uh yeh). He is also big.. 5.5 quarts so well big enough to make a hell of a lot of anything you would need.  The crock part is ceramic and easy to clean.. tall, dark and handsome.

This is the senior crock in my group... and it is still going strong after 24 years. When I got mine it did not come with the carry tote.. so feeling a little gypped but 24 years of service is not a bad record to say the least. This one divides between the griddle heating base ( on which you can also make the worlds smallest pancakes!) and the metal crock with glass lid. This one has a small dial with infinate heat setting adjustment so is very good for making things like heated dips or toppings in the oven and then keeping them on the base to keep them warm.

This2.5 quart  little cutie was bought to melt chocolate for a fondue party and we have been together ever since. Just right for a single person or dips for Sunday afternoon snacking with my best ever low-brow chili-dip. 1 can chili ( no beans), 1/2 of a small brick of Velvetta ( don't judge!).. melt.. enjoy with corn chips!

I don't have this one but might have to change that very soon. I got to see this one just the other day at the church potluck.  He had me at  handle lock top and his other features made him look pretty fine there on the buffet table.  What can I say.. it was evening.. outside and his digital display glowing in the moonlight made me all giddy.  He comes with his own probe ( ahem!) and his lid fits tight with a locking gasket  (no more slopped out soup!)    What's not to love??  ( he also comes Very well rated- Amazon, sort of like a mama-crockpot internet hook up.. I should probably feel dirty)

So what do you say.. do you have a crock pot that you love .. want to add it to the list?.. leave a comment!

P.s. those links are mine and do run through my Amazon store making me upwards of 12 cents a day! {insert my eye roll}


carol said...

I also have the Oblong one, but mine came with a plastic lid. A few years ago I bought a second one with a smaller pot and a glass lid, on ebay. Love that. I just tucked away the extra griddle and plug for those just in case moments. I also have a mini 1 quart for small itme, like your fondue. I also have the 30+ year old pink big boy. What I like about that is that I use to make soup all day long. then I freeze the extra. The bowl comes out to for claening.

Diane said...

Wow...how did you know I needed to replace my Crock Pot and was wondering which model to get ? ? ? Thanks!