Planner Pads are my Secret - You Just Thought I Had Super Human Powers!

Absolutely no one who came to my house would call me a clean freak or even wildly organized to say the least, but one thing I can be counted on for  is to be where I say I will, not double or triple book my family or miss a dead line. I am pretty much known for being early to everything and I am going to share my secret.

Everything lives in my planner. The reason I think most people fail at being on time or even where they say they are going to be is due to making things or systems  too complex or difficult and often using multiple calenders is part of that nonsense. .. If multiple calenders work for you and you don't miss anything, and you are on time then rock on!.. but you are in the minority I can tell you.

After trying a lot of different types of planners over the years I have been loyal to Daily Planner Pads for a while now and could not be happier with them ( Doc also uses one!).  These interior style is simple and direct, no kittens or pretty scrolls which is sometimes sad since I like pretty.. but I don't like pretty more than being on time! ( I also sew a pretty cover for mine .. so that helps)

Using a top--> down method for weekly organization this product offers a flexible frame work for looking at your week that also offers a two page per month spread for looking at your month in total. Such a comfort to know it is all right there.. one less stress.. you know what I mean?

Really I could be a spokesperson for Planner Pads.. I love them that much  Hear that Planner Pad people??..  Bill Crosson, come knock on my door I would love to talk to you!


Anonymous said...

That looks awesome! I'm putting that on my Christmas list.

Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy said...

These look like something I would love. Seriously, I'm the girl who daydreams in the shower about what my dream planner would look like....these look pretty darn good. May give them a test run.