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 One of the best part about being an active and engaged part of the Internet is meeting  some of the most fantastic people that I would not have met otherwise due to distance at the very least. I  find that each day I am a bit more thankful for them.  

Lookin good Suzy!

Today I would like to introduce you to one.. her name is Suzy Mac and she is the owner of SexCies. Feel free to prowl around her website. Ogle her hotness as she models her oh so very sexy invention of  the SEXY-C-sections support garment which was birthed (sorry bad pun) from her listening to women and their feelings about their mid-sections after c-sections and other abdominal surgeries.

As a mom who has had 2 c-sections and many very large babies who have  laid waist waste to my belly I can't say enough about the idea of a sexy support garment that allows for intimacy but still supports the scared area, muscle structure and makes you look freaking hot at a time when getting back in the sack with your man can be sort of hard due to post baby body issues, leaky boobs and a sore belly on top of all of that. I am 10 year post-c-section and there are times my scars still hurt and to be brutally frank I have a serious amount of extra belly skin due to having so many babies that were so big. So the use of SexCies keeps on rolling ( bad word choice!) past the postpartum days.  This photo pretty much sums it up for my tummy :-)

Yes, in the best of all world we should feel amazing about our bodies after we have given birth.. we did it.. we made a baby, we birthed a baby.. we ROCK!  and truth told some women do feel that way but a heck of a lot of women don't. And that "don't" is keeping them from resuming a healthy happy sex life with their important other. This lack of feel-good sexual connection leads to some very rocky months and yes sometimes years after the birth of a baby. (So even if your baby is 6 or 16 SexCies might still be for you) When sex  happens at all it means lights out and  don't even think about touching my belly-I would rather die sorts of thoughts.  Lest you think I am telling tales, get a bunch of new mom's  a drink or two and ask them about their bellies and sex and what they do to hide ... it is real, raw and the reason Suzy created SexCies.

Since here is the thing, having sex makes you feel sexy and looking and feeling sexy leads to wanting sex.. it is all circular like that. Nothing is better than a good roll in the hay to put a spring in your step and help you see what an incredible creature you are, even if 30 minutes before you were not quite feeling it. The more you feel good and sexually connect with the  person you love the more you will come to understand that it does not matter about your stretch marks and scars and that extra skin that is not going to go away. But you have to be able to make the first move and if feeling hotter and sexier and supported does that... then more power to you, go rock those bed springs!

Well knock me over... I just got a sweet note from Suzy.. and she is offering my readers a 40% discount!.. uhhh hello??? how  fantastic is that?.. That brings the price down to a very cool $77 ish dollars ( if I have done my math right!)... To get the discount just drop Suzy a line  and she will get you all fixed up.   

* This is a non-monetized post, I really believe that each woman deserves to feel like the fantastic sexual being that they are and this is one way among many of doing that. This path is different for each person so if this is not the path for you that is ok. My goal is to create a safe, honest Wednesday environment where everyone feels supported. Your thoughtful comments are appreciated.

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Allison said...

Ooo, I love the pic you have here. I did not have a C-section, but my plus sized tummy is all jiggle and for me that's no giggle (haha).
Thanks for sharing her site, Maddie! :)