Clean Laundry - Household Confessional

I come to you hanging my head in shame.. and whisper my deep dark secret.. I went back to commercial laundry detergent ..  There.. I said it..  yes I have gone back to the dark side, the soft side, the fluffy side and I will NOT go back.

It's not really something I can lie about or hide, my "downy freshness" is a dead giveaway, so is the fact that my clothes are no longer loaded with enough static electricity to generate power for a small village.

You see for the last 2.5 years I have wavered between making my own laundry soap and using an eco-sensitive, scent free, chemical free and it seems softness free detergent that I had to buy via the internet (name withheld to protect the company and not get my arse sued)  but last week we ran out.

The 50 pound bucket was E-M-P-T-Y and since it needs to be ordered online, and  then transported across the U.S. by their courier of choice  it was going to be way more than a week until I was going to be able to do laundry again.. NO GOOD!

Thus begins the sorted tale of my conversion back to the ways of softness and pretty smelling laundry... and oh how much I have missed it!!

p.s. I think the kids missed it too- today the young one said.. "wow, my underwear is soft and does not scratch my butt anymore" -- there you have it.


Andrea said...

That last line just made me laugh out loud. Soft underwear is a must!

Diane R said...

Scratchy underwear? 'Nuff said.

Ruth Putney said...

I made my own laundry compound out of my own bar soap made especially for laundry. Hard water and soap do not play well together. Detergent does the job just fine and leaves me time and enthusiasm for reducing my environmental impact elsewhere.