Glitter 101 - Working with Fairy Dust

Glitter is one of those love it or hate it sort of things.. I happen to love it for the holidays. I suspect it is the latent show girl in me.. the one complete with sparkly tasseled nipple cups.. but I digress..

Come the holidays I am all about adding the glitter and shine  and today's victim is this cute Nordic style Santa I found at HomeGoods for $5- cute but no sparkle! Easy enough to fix!

I started with the beard.. a bit of Matte Mod Poge as my "glue" and..

Some coarse glass glitter.

Over the trash can, a large piece of paper or outside, liberally apply the glitter to the wet glue areas and then let it dry.  As each area dried I did another.. which on this Santa meant only doing white and turquoise blue.. easy peasy

I thought about doing the boots.. and still might.. here he sits as he dries. (Don't you just love my late night photography?)

The best part about glitter is that it can bring new life to some of your older and dated holiday decorations and I hope to share more of that this coming week.  In the mean time here are a couple do's and don'ts of working with glitter.

  • Glitter is a MAJOR irritant  if you get it in your eyes, be careful using it with children
  • Some of the best glitter is ground up glass, beautiful on a craft- hard on a stomach - keep away from pets.
  • Let the glitter fall where it may- fussing with your wet glitter will make it look worse- go with the flow
  • For items that you are going to totally cover in glitter, use spray glue.. it is much faster and easier than painting with Mod Podge.
Do you love the glitter or  does it make you itch just thinking about it?


Gene Black said...

I love sparkly things. BUT glitter is just annoying. It gets on my face and regardless of how well I shower, it is still there three days later.

Suzanne said...

First things first...I think you could totally rock the glittery show-girl tasseled nipple cups. I might join you if I ever crack open those "Hip Hop Abs" DVDs that I ordered two months ago! Still waiting to get some motivation.

Secondly, I love glitter too, and I think his "enhancements" make him look so much better.

Third...good tips on glitter.

Happy Friday to you!

Claire said...

Mom. I would put glitter on everything if I could. I'm super excited about making ornaments this year, because I'll get to put as much sparkly goodness on them as I want.

Rhissanna said...

I don't usually, but this year I might. I like it in discreet little lines and curves, so I'm wondering if spray glue through a stencil might do that. And as a glitter newbie, I really didn't know there were different kinds (I thought, you know...different colours maybe...but different varieties? Wow!)

Love the Santa.

You know the 'nipples' comment will get more people banning you from their facebook, right? Why are people scared of nipples? Were they attacked by one?

Kari Curley said...

Love glitter too, even though it does tend to end up everywhere! My favorite glitter story is about a stamping gal whose baby was born with glitter on its head and she swears she was not stamping in the nude the day before she gave birth! Like I said it gets everywhere!

Emmy said...

Oh the sparkles made such a difference! So so cute! And yea I am more of a glitter hater, well using it at least because then my kids want to use it to and that is not good