Hair Tinsel - A Fast and Easy Teen Girl Gift!

Just popping in real quick to leave a little quick gift inspiration.  I have a couple of teen/pre-teen girls in my life that I wanted to gift with a little something so this year I have decided to make them each a packet of hair tinsel.

Do you know about hair tinsel and Hair Flair?  Well take a peek here at the HairTinsel page..  it's hot with this  pre- and teenage set and  better yet it is VERY easy to make. No salon trip involved no matter what they infer.

To make my packages of Tinsel I used multiple types of glitz and glitter threads from my collection of quilting embellishment threads.   I used small plastic zippy bags made for beading and some card stock.

I cut multiple pieces of each color to 48 inches long and neatly laid them out (ahem.. note - do not turn your back when your cat is in the room to help)

I cut the card stock to size to fit in the bags and then used a circle punch to cut out a nice scoop for the thread to rest in when wrapped around the card.

I slid the wrapped cards into the bags and tucked in the penguin gift tags.  On the backs of the packages I put the link to  Hair Flair Instructions   and Hair Tinsel video 

I figure that each small gift cost well under 50cents each.. and am thinking that a red/pink/silver combo might be just right for Valentines day!  And given how fast it was I was able to make quite a few in less than 30 minutes today.. hurrah! and Happy Holidays to everyone!

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Audrey Pettit said...

What a fabulous idea, Maddie! My daughter and her friend had tinsel put in their hair last summer, and they absolutely loved it. How awesome to know that we can do it ourselves. :)
Just wanted to pop over to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas! May your day be merry and bright!