Holiday Pillows - Fast and Fun

You know.. right?... Graphics Fairy

I was not quite sure I was going to be pulling off a Graphics Fairy project this week. Been lots to do, some deep things to think about and then a very unexpected Kidney Stone ( OUCH!) on Saturday have put me a bit off track!

Miracle of miracles I woke up on Sunday not feeling all that bad, achy lower back, and sort of wrung out but itching to be out of bed for sure.  This is when a very good crafting and sewing stash comes in handy. Without even a trip to the store I was able to create this cheery little pillow as my very LAST project of the holiday season. ( Wish now I had done some piping.. such is life)

The elf and squirrel image is from the Graphics Fairy and I added the text.  I then used a piece of Artist Transfer Paper and ironed it to a piece of quilting cotton that was already over printed with text. I really love the way the text came up through the red image!

I sewed it up as a pillow cover that can then be easily stored away after the season, but  since it was quickly adopted by the king of the family ( Koko) you might be seeing it well into Spring... who knows.

So.. here is the deal.. I have not hosted this image for download  (all night kidney fun has left me more tired than I would want to admit)  but if you are wanting it for a quick project let me know and I will send you a file via email.. ok?

Things will be pretty quiet around here until the New Year..  no worries, just regrouping and getting set for a fantastic 2012. 

I wish each and every one of you a most joyous of holiday seasons.


Audrey Pettit said...

What an adorable pillow, Maddie! Really love that fun image and the font on the sentiment is fantastic. You are so amazing with just whipping a project out like that.
So, so sorry to hear about your kidney stone. That does not sound like a barrel of fun. :(
Wishing you and yours a very merry holiday season!

13moons said...

So cute. I really like the way the light text comes through too. And your choice of words and font are great.

Rhissanna said...

This is such a cute and unexpected way to use the image. It's delightful and yes, I see no reason why it shouldn't stay out all year.

Sorry to hear about the kidney stone, though. I thought naughty little girls got coal, not stones?

I really hope you're feeling better by Christmas and yes, don't worry about blogging. It'll still be here in 2012

Elle and Lou said...

I love this image too and works really well on the cushion. The text is a nice touch! Lou