Picking a Pillow - So Many Choices

Such a happy pattern- Pillow Ticking

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you might remember that last week one our our cats went rogue and decided to pee all over a pile of laundry and then for good measure the offender graced my pillow... MY PILLOW. My just right, broken in, feels  felt perfect pillow.  

My pillow was is referred to as "The Weeny Girl pillow" due to it's lack of structure and body. The floppy feather factor hard to come by in new pillows for sure so I was VERY sad to dump it and go searching for a new one.

A bit like Goldi-Locks, there were ones that were too hard, too fluffy, too big, too bouncy and most all of them filled with foam or poly fil. I wanted a feather pillow that did not cost more than a nice dinner out but they seem to be hard to come by. 

On the upside I learned a lot about pillows:

Pillows are generally divided up based on what they are stuffed with.
  • Down/feathers- highest price, but lower priced ones tend to have lower quality down/feathers and COVERS
  • foam bits- tend to be lumpy but lowest price
  • wool- heavy, hold heat well, 
  • buckwheat- very malleable but can be heavy and a bit noisy
  • memory foam- HEAVY, but wide range of contour models
  • poly fill - inexpensive, varying density, long lasting
  • cotton- heavier than poly, old fashioned feeling but not very squishable
  • and even water- For those who sleep "hot" these are suppose to be great - I don't know.
 Each of these choices have their advantages and price points.

After that you have shaped or contoured pillows as well as choices about hypoallergenic covers and more.

As a tummy sleeper  a flatter malleable pillow was and is my best choice so that I don't get neck strain.  Side sleepers often do really well with contoured pillows to support the arch of the neck. Back sleepers seem to have the most choices  and can use those big fluffy pillows but I was interested to learn that if snoring or breathing is a problem that going with a flatter pillow can make a huge difference  so might be worth a try for those who snore like freight trains in the night :)

In the end I did find a down pillow that was pretty wimpy and just right for me but quickly  ( first night) encountered a problem that I should have guessed from the price point ($40). The cover of the pillow was made from a quilted cotton but not from ticking fabric.   {sigh}

Next time I will tell you all about my Pillow Ticking adventure!

Do you have a favorite pillow?

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