Sewing is My Superpower

Flaunt your superpowers.. and sew on!  No more hiding your light under a barrel or being demure about your outrageously cool ability to sew.. time to be loud and proud about your skills!

I am hosting this for free download for those who want to use this image at home - Sewing is my Superpower

And for those who are too busy sewing .. for you I have sent the image to Domestic Anarchy Cafe for your click and go shopping pleasure!

As always thank you to the Graphics Fairy for the image and her time to post it up in some great colors!

P.s. -What is your Superpower?

1 comment:

Stitchfork said...

You have ultimate sewing super powers - plus a few more to boot!
Happy New Year Maddie!
xo Cathy