Tin-Type Letters- Craft Fail

Did you know that you can try a craft up to 6 different ways and they can all be failures of one type or another?.. well you can.

You can pick the wrong material - tin/wrong, cardboard/wrong...

You can pick the wrong paint- let's just leave it at that

You can pick the wrong project - that would be this one!

Ballard Version

Really, I thought these would be fun and easy, next time I will re-roof the house instead.  The Ballard photo is so sweet, and funky-junky that I knew I would have so many ways to use them ..but let us just say I did not get much further than this.. the balsa cracked, I nicked my finger.. lets move on shall we??

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Do try again, only this time use a scroll saw and power drill instead. It'll be a lot faster and so long as you cut on the line, the numbers will come out looking great!