Romantic Steampunkish Necklace

Ever get a project in your head and it just will not let go? Well that is the case when I saw this image from... Say it with me... The Graphics Fairy.  This image is soft and romantic but I wanted a bit more from it so I pulled out a brass jewelry blank and got to work on  my Steampunk Romance Necklace.

The brass blank is about an inch wide so not big at all. I cropped the Love bird image back quite and bit and then reduced it in Photoshop to fit. I then cut it out using VERY tiny sharp scissors. I attached them image to the metal with spray adhesive and then to seal it on I am using Deco Art� Triple Thick Brilliant Brush-On Glaze - 2oz./Gloss   In the  end I will use about 3 coats of this to build up a nice glass-like bubble on top and seal in the brassy patina.  The small hole in the blank is obscured by part of the rose, but after the 2nd coat of glaze is hard I will drill that out and then add the finish coat. 

While this is small I did ponder that it might be very sweet done on a drilled penny.. might have to try that after I get done with this. I hope you will check back in later this week to see how this project comes out!

Also wanted to mention that on Wednesday I am going to have some cool news to share so do hope I will get a visit from you then!

PE Design Text Function

Click on photo to make it bigger

Dear class,

 I was not even half way home when my mind finally unlocked the fact that you have to hold down the CNTRL key and touch the ENTER key at the end of each line of text in order to be able to do multiple lines of text.

Hope that makes more sense!.. Sorry for my in class brain failure!


Zip-It Tool - Best Friend of a Long Haired Girl

Zip it Clog Remover

So.. if you have seen me lately you know that my hair has gotten pretty long.. and I love it.  It took almost 4 years to grow my hair out from the VERY short cut I got after my father died, so this long hair thing is quite the victory to say the least!

On the not so positive side it has been VERY hard on my drains. Long hair gets stuck in drains and makes for some VERY slow moving water. Slow draining water means a dirty bathtub and more work.. which means I have to give up time from brushing and fawning all over my hair to scrub a tub... not good! ( yes I am kidding about the fawning but not the scrubbing)

Enter the Cobra Products 400 Zip-It Drain Cleaning Tool   ...yes you did hear angels singing, and yes I love it that much that I am devoting blog space to it.  In fact if I could I would send one to ALL of you ( hmmm maybe I can talk them into a giveaway???)  it is just that amazing.

With this little tool you can save yourself a good chunk of money and a visit from the plumber. Now don't get me wrong, I happen to think my plumber rocks, but  given that this tool is less than $3 bucks and it could save you well over $100... well it is sort of a no brainer!

 I have included  affiliate links to where you can get it online ( Amazon prime folks.. this is a steal of a deal for you!).. but maybe you want to find it locally.  While this display makes it easy to find it is often hung in less than obvious spots around the plumbing department so you might have to ask for it but that is a small price to pay for a tool that will pay you back over 50 times the first time you use it!

The zipitclean website has a bunch of videos on using the simple tool but quite frankly the stuff pulled from these drains make me a bit queasy so watch at your own risk.. it is a VERY effective tool.

The Zip-it people have NO idea who I am .. I just love their product and wanted to share it with you. The links are affiliated through Amazon, so if you get it there.. thanks!

Counting Down to Blissdom

Gonna Get My Bliss On at Blissdom! 

I am going to be there.. will you be?

If you will please drop me a note or comment so we can find each other!

p.s. Did I mention that I have exciting news?... Domestic Anarchy ( the blog) is going to be having a "wicked" little baby!.. keep watching.. more news as we count down to Feb 1st!

Cinnamon Cookie Sweater Re-do

Totally inspired by the sweater re-do at Tea Rose Home I got to work on my own version using a sweater that had been laid to the side due to it being ITCHY!....really is there much worse than an itchy sweater on the list of little piss-ant things that can make you really crabby?

It was late at night when I got started on this project.. evidenced by the AWFUL photos.. please excuse them.  First thing was to cut multiple steeks into the sweater. What?... Don't know how to cut a steek?.. well look here  How to Cut a Steek and live to tell the tale

Here I am sewing up the guidelines for the steeks.  I used my fancy dancy feed control on my Bernina, lacking that DO use a walking foot so you don't distort the sweater fabric.

Lots of help was had- This is Bragg, not because he is awesome, but because he was found at Bragg Park as a tiny kitten

After the steeks were cut I inset fabric triangles- this is where a serger is the BOMB!  The fabric is voile. I like how the soft floaty nature contrasts with the sweater.

I took some inspiration from both the Tea Rose Home sweater and this book - SEWING BITS AND PIECES.. love this little book... I think you will too!  Here is a direct link to buy if you feel so inclined!

I did little covered buttons at the peaks of each inset - LOVE me some covered buttons!

I could not be happier with this sweater rescue.. from a pullover I never wore to a cardigan that I love to wear!

Valentine's Day Magnet Craft- So Easy

Image from the Graphics Fairy- Of course!

Ohhh be-still my heart.. I finally had a chance to do a bit of Graphic's Fairy Crafting after a long hard day. I am crushing all over this sweet little clown image and I have sized it to fit perfectly on 2x3.5 inch business card size magnets.... get it.. STUCK ON YOU???  The image is from Karen, I added the wording.

I mean really.. a sweet and usable little gift.. who would not like that!.. Alas my camera is refusing to upload so I can't show you a picture until I get that sorted out.  What I can do is share this PDF file ( 8 images per printing!) with you!.. sooooo if you too would like to make some of these magnets it is SUPER easy..

You will need-

  • Cream colored cardstock
  • Colorprinter
  • Business card size craft magnets ( I got mine at Office Depot but have seen them at the craft store)

Download my Valentines Day Magnet Craft Printable , print it out  on a nice cream colored cardstock.. cut apart and then pull the adhesive backing off the magnet and stick it on.  Use an exacto knife to trim things up and TaDa!. you are done!

Homeschooling Myths - It takes all kinds

Just another homeschooling mama!  No matter how shocking that might be.

For once and all let us put to bed the myth and legend that seems to be the unshakable bedrock of homeschooling.. a bedrock build on shaky soil and faulty myth for sure!

Homeschoolers are not all alike, we are as diverse as the menu at the Cheescake Factory ( ever been there? 24 pages of food, 200 + items. crazy!).. the ONLY thing that really binds us is that we homeschool..and even that is dicey since we all do it in very different ways.

Some are religious, go to church  all the time types
others are free thinking atheists
the rest are somewhere in the middle

Some are white, married and live in a tidy housing community
others are multi-racial and live on a boat
the rest are everything in between

Some families are two moms
some are single dads
some are a grandmother and an aunt schooling 5 kids from three different families
the rest live somewhere in the middle

Some use curriculum so canned and so boring in would make a nun weep
others fly by the seat of their pants with a prayer in the wind
the rest choose what is best year to year, child by child hoping to find what is best

Some are doing it as a deep calling
some are doing it out of desperation
some have no idea what they are doing but it has to be better than what they left.
they all have moments when they are scared and need support.

Some are straight laced, and jean skirt wearing
others can be found online in a pair of fishnet stockings

It takes all kinds! I celebrate each and everyone one of you!

School is Dead - Just My Opinion

I get asked quite often why I don't "let" my kids go  to school.  And while "let" might be too strong a word I have done my darndest to make sure that home education way way better, way more engaging and suited for their learning style(s) than school due to my honest belief that schools kill learners.

Yes of course you will find you schooling success stories but these days they are few and far between when compared to the ratio of so called failures.  The system is broken and I have given the last 20 years of my life to my children in hopes of finding a different way.

I am on the tail end of my homeschooling parent journey. If all goes as planed my youngest who is now 10 will start college in 6 years.  6 more years to free  minds and spirits to know that they can be anything without the constraints of a classroom to hold them back.  I don't shun education.. I think knowledge is power. What I shun is the k-12 institution that boxes, molds and turns out kids in batches. I want something better for my kids, I want something better for your kids, for all kids.

I believe that there are spectacular  little children out there being lost each day to a classroom that insists they sit and look forward when at the very moment there is a great painting being created in their heads, or a work of music in their hearts and all they want it to run in circles to feel it whirl through them in greatness. But what they get instead for squirming in their seats is time-out and possible no recess.

I believe that there are middle-schoolers that have more to teach us about compassion and pain than you will ever see while hanging out and watching Dr.Phil but they are deep with worry and anxiety brought on by the cattle car system we call school.  With enough of this stress and peer pressure that they turn to sex and drugs and alcohol or they just dive deep in themselves in depression and do not let us in.

I want something more for all children and while homeschooling is one answer I don't believe it's the only answer but I know for sure school as it stands now the the opposite of any ideas I can bring to mind.

I Pick Passion is DONE!

Next time I will leave my double chin at home!

One of the best parts of getting my stash under control has been to finish up projects that have been lurking around for quite a while- can you see it there on the other post?  ~I pick Passion~ is one of those projects.. I finished the quilting on it and then bound it.. so YES!.. 1st project of the year is DONE!

Thank you to Martha S. for taking this photo when I stopped by Sew Bee It quilt shop to share what I had been up to!  As some might remember this is actually part of a three to five part series of mini-quilts that I designed well over a year ago.. I have not even started the next one yet.. maybe later this year ;-)

What have you been getting finished in the new year?

Organized Sewing Projects

Lest you think that all I do is stand around in my fancy undies and put on makeup all day I have some sewing organization to show off - so there!

hanging my head, lordy what a mess it was!

A couple of weeks ago I got all haus-frau and tackled my fabric storage armoir. It was an unholy mess having just come off holiday sewing and me getting all my class samples done.

After some SERIOUS destashing ( 3 lawn and leaf bagsfull!) and refolding I was left with this.. much

The last part of the equation was storage of projects that were mid-project. Mid cutting, mid piecing, mid-anything. For that I have been thrilled with these Iris Scrapbook cases which I can regularly find on sale for $3-4 bucks each.  I also use them for my craft supplies but where they really do the work is when it comes to holding blocks as I piece them and to gather fabrics as I am putting a new design together. The scrapbook cases have strong latches and being that they are clear I rarely need to label them and that saves time and frustration.

I often get asked how I get so much sewing done.. doing things bit by bit really does work.. and these storage cases make it way easier to make sure I don't loose anything in the process!

I also will toss out there that we use these for our homeschooling supplies to keep project supplies, papers and workbooks together by theme and by child. That way if we are going to be out for the day the kids just grab a box or two to bring along.. they are large enough to function as a lap-desk making them perfect for car-schooling!

How's that for dual purpose!...and now if you will pardon me I going to go try the new lipstick I just bought :)

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Boudoir Session Reflections

Photo by Risque Boudoir 519 - The skin is all mine!

Last Sunday was my scheduled boudoir session with Meredith and Risque Boudoir. I scheduled this session about 2 weeks before that actual shoot, so VERY last minute. No time to loose 20 or 50 pounds, get my breasts lifted or my tummy tucked.  There was time to do my nails and put a rinse on my hair but little else and that is probably for the best.

I arrived at Meredith's a bit before 1pm and was greeted by her sweet and sassy self and felt comfortable within minutes. After a bit of chat we got right down to looking at the clothing I had brought and deciding on what might be best for each of the three "outfits" I would be wearing. I use the word "outfit" loosely since as you might imagine in the photo above I am wearing little more than a draped sweater and a smile! ( as a note this photo has been radically cropped  by me for the sake of just about everybody.. I can already bet that I will not be welcome at the next local homeschooling convention that is for sure!)

Soon enough Staci Gibbs the makeup artist blew through the door with her happy energy and more makeup than I have ever seen!  Her set up was quick and in no time I was seated and getting made up. As I mentioned in a previous post  Staci introduced me to a wonderful new foundation that has a forgiving amount of coverage that made my skin look fantastic and was a great match for my over all skin tone. We decided to go with hair down for the first shoot so no muss or fuss was needed there.. it was one of those days when my hair looked good despite me.

This photo comes from the end of the first outfit session.. luckily I managed a non-chronic bitch face smile.. but boy was that hard. Really... when I smile like this I feel like I am smiling like Ronald McDonald!.. thank goodness Meredith is quick on the camera and caught this smile before it went away!

In the next session change I got to rock an amazing set of fishnet stockings and a piece of black floral lace. I am anxious to see how these came out! Staci boosted my makeup and  wrestled me into a pair of  false eyelashes.. that was crazy amazing .. more about those in the future!

Session part 3 had me in a set of thigh-highs and a hot pink and black waist cincher and a pair of 5 inch heels that threatened to give me a nose bleed! This also called for a change of hairstyle.. and Staci did a wonderful organic up-do that was amazing!

From beginning to end is was an amazing experience that I will not soon forget. I can't say enough about it and I encourage any woman to do this for themselves and see how fantastic they can look. I also encourage you to contact Risque Boudoir to see about setting up a session. Meredith is one of the warmest sweetest people.. you can't go wrong with her and her amazing talent.

Makeup Matters - Boudoir Afterglow

Got to love an iphone photo
I learned so much through this  boudoir photo process and I am putting some of this new found knowledge into practice!

While I have been a rather regular makeup wearer for many years now I am also not the sort of person who refuses the leave the house without makeup. I do think I look better with it but you will not find me stopping to put on mascara before taking my kid to emergency care or leaving the house due to fire.

Makeup is icing on the cake and I do feel better about myself when I take the time to put it on so it is part of my morning routine. Now up until this point that meant a bit of  mascara, some blush and a my increasing obsession with lipstick ( really I should have seen this change coming)

During my make up and hair session for the shoot I was able to have the ever wonderful makeup artist Staci Gibbs  try multiple colors of  foundation on my face to find just the RIGHT color for me.. not only that she introduced me to a FANTASTIC foundation .. Revlon Photoready foundation   AMAZING stuff.. and  so lightweight.. hell, look at my skin in this photo.. that is with NO photo retouching - it is crazy amazing stuff.  Best yet I learned that my color is ~Shell~.  I am always perplexed when it comes to picking this stuff and SO happy to have such a good match for my skin shade!

Why is this such a big deal?... you see due to very fair skin I am "blessed" with some under eye darkness that tends to have people asking if I feel well even when I feel just fine!.. Do you know what a bummer it is for people to assume you are peeky and  them tell you so on a regular basis... no fun!  With good color and coverage on my face I have already had a couple of people tell me how well rested I look.. that makes a big change in the way I feel - shallow?.. maybe.. truth- for sure!

Coming soon.. my burgeoning obsession with false eyelashes!

I love it lots when you share my posts.. thanks!

Valentine's Hair Fancy - Embroidery Machine Magic

OK.. coming back down to earth  for a moment to get a go on Valentine's gifts!..  Love me some V-day gifts with all the glitter and ribbon and crafty goodness but it does not happen on it's own. First on the list is a project for those with embroidery machines!  Today- a ~Lovely Hair Accessory ~

Using re-purposed leather or wool felt this design is perfect for pulling up hair off the neck or for securing a low pony tail with holiday style.  For the securing stick I have used a very thin dowel rod which I clipped using garden pruners and then used some sandpaper to round off one end and smooth the finish.

This design will be up in my store in a couple of days but before that I have THREE copies to giveaway All gone! to the first three people with embroidery machines that ask! ( It will not do you any good without an embroidery machine but the same idea can be hand made)

As a note.. the leather I used was recycled from an old purse .. I will make a few wool felt ones today and get them posted up as well.

There will be a VERY limited number of these for sale in the finished form.. so watch the store for those also.

What are you making for Valentine's Day?

Hot Comes in All Sizes - Sexy legs

Hot comes in all sizes ( and no that is not me)

One of the things that has been driven home to me by this Boudoir experience is that  HOT comes in all sizes. From size 2 to 22 it is ALL in the attitude and while I have been traveling this path for a while it is now so crystal clear to me that body size has nothing to do with the ability to be confident, sexy or sexual. I have met women who are a size 2 and have the all the personality of a piece of spaghetti but I also know women who are 22's and wear it like fat is a sin.... it's not size.. it is what is in your head and your personal baggage that keeps you from releasing that fantastic person you are... take time to find her no matter your size.

And while attitude is everything the way you ice the cake with clothing, hair and sexy underthings  makes the process even more enjoyable and exciting.. after all you want to express what you feel and that is hard to do with lumpy bumpy over sized clothes with all the sexy of a potato sack.

While I am not longer technically "plus sized"  my legs are still very muscled with calfs of steel and thighs of jello, finding leg wear can sometimes be a challenge.

Both SOCKS DREAMS and HIPS AND CURVES came through for me on some VERY sexy thigh-highs and fishnets in larger sizes that fit my curvy legs!

But what I really might be missing are these  Opera Length black gloves - meow!

What rocks your sexy?

p.s. might actually be some embroidery going on here tomorrow .. who knows!

A Fantastic Day with Very Little to Wear

 Post- Boudoir Shoot Glow, on my way to have dinner.
It was AMAZING, I feel like a GODDESS, I am TIRED

A HUGE thank you to 

Meredith and the Risque Boudoir team for making it amazingly easy to stand around and get my photo taken in nearly nothing!

Complete details, reflections and afterglow  later this week!

Huck Toweling and Making Your Own Dish Towels

Anybody know the name of this floral fabric? - I want more!

While I can sew anything.. from jeans to couture clothing I really like simple sewing best. I find it very zen and happy so that is why I love doing dishtowels.  So simple, so fun and so practical!

While sometimes I start with pre-made towels and just gussy them up I do like to buy Huck Toweling when I can find it to make my own.  For those not in the know- Huck toweling is a  white cotton fabric with a distinctive weave and bound length ends making it perfect for  custom length cuts of toweling to decorate as you choose.

I always wash my huck 2x in hot and dry on hot to get out all the shrinkage.. it's tough stuff.. go ahead and use it for real!

There are about a million ways to do dishtowels-

 Adding a fun Monogram to a dishtowel

Scrappy bunting dish towel 

Ribbon dish towels - swoon!

Adding a crochet edging for a hand made look

Ruffle and thread art- what more could you want from a towel?

Really  the choices are just about endless and they make perfect gifts so you can feel totally guiltless about make a whole stack of them real soon!

How are your dishtowels looking?  

Hemming Jeans and Getting My Look Back in the Game.

After last week's  rather dismal show on the dressing front I got back in the game today with some dark-wash jeans and a plum colored silky blouse with a waist tie and 3/4 sleeves.

Alas these jeans a too big ( yeh I know pooor me).. but really I don't want to buy more jeans but I am going to have to.   My loss is going to be your gain because I am going to open these suckers up and see about taking them in and I am going to do a post about it in the coming weeks since I really do sort of crush on these jeans and would still like to wear them.

Do you know how to actually hem jeans?..  I am 5'6 but it seems my legs are on the shortish side so sometimes I have to hem my jeans.. a real pain, but you want them to look right and not "my mom hemmed these with a  stapler sort of look" you need to know some tricks.

There are a couple schools of thought on hemming jeans -

The cheaters method -  Easy jean hemming by Cardigan Empire

Pretty official method - Canadian Crafter's Jean hemming method

Pretty much professional -  Sew for Dough hems jeans

So there you go.. pick your method and hem on my dears ( or grow longer legs, which ever is easier!)

Boudoir Photography - Down to the Wire Checklist

Sock Dreams - sexy no???
Details, details, details...  a good photoshoot is all in the details for both me and my photographer, but I have every confidence that Meredith has her end of this act together so I am going to concentrate on mine! So for me that means making some lists and then checking off the tasks as I get them accomplished.

First hair -

Mid-color - no makeup - looking glam!

Last night's adventure was with a box of L'oreal semi- permanent hair color in order to wash out those irritating gray hairs that keep springing from my scalp (and why are they kinky wavy like misdirected pubic hairs??)

Ohhh a bit of "Chronic Bitch Face" going on here I see!
So here we go with the after only blown-out hair, the bitch face and the iphone photo - I obviously have no shame.

Next up - nails, some serious leg shaving and deep moisturizing of the skin.

Are we having fun so far???