Boudoir Photo Session - The What to Wear Edition

Via Pinterest and the Vintage Rose Garden

 Yesterday I talked about getting my head in the right place when it comes to doing my Risque Boudoir Photo shoot. I received so many nice notes- thank you!

Today I thought I would talk about another part of getting ready - What to wear.. or what not to wear, or how little to wear, or how much to wear. Best of all what to wear to look amazing no matter your size!

By it's very nature boudoir photography implies that at least to some degree I am going to be showing some skin. How much skin is a discussion between me and my photographer. Finding the comfort spot for both of us is important.  While skin can be very sexy so can intrigue and implied nudity. The mind is a pliant place, with some simple tricks I can come off looking very sexy all while showing very little skin if that is my choice.

What I choose to wear will have a big impact on the feeling of the photos, from " girl next door" fresh faced sexy to down right smokin-hot dominatrix in black leather and a vicious set of heels,..oh so may choices!

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For my photo session we will be doing 3 different outfits and I am working my through how I want them to look. I plan on doing a largish canvas for our bedroom so I do want them to go with our room at least to some degree. I also want some that will not totally scandalize my children if I put them on my site but the rest of the shots,  .. I plan those to be wildly hot so they can just close their eyes and not look at the those!

Now finding these items to wear has been more of a challenge being that I am bigger than Victoria's Secret seems to think is proper ( crazy really seeing that I have a bunch of money to spend- they are SO missing a huge market-pardon the pun!).  At a size 10/12 in jeans but a 40dd chest  I often have to turn to on line sources for really nice/sexy/unique lingerie.  One of the best place I have found is Hips and Curves. If you have others PLEASE leave them in the comments section!

In the end I think that emotional comfort is the key when doing a intimate photo shoot, but some of that can be gained by feeling good in what you are wearing.

hips and

Sexy boy shorts are great for helping disguise stretch marks and uhhh flaps 

hips and curves com

Fishnets make scars and veins on the legs just disappear!

hips and

A well fit corset makes your waist worries a thing of the past and gives your breasts a real lift!

So far in my bag I have packed:

lacy-racy panties from little more than dental floss with an attitude to some great boy shorts
My amazing-gravity defying .. gorgeous push up bras from both Lane Bryant and Intimacy ( Atl.)
Stocking, garters, hose and hot heels
bustier - hot pink and black lace.. ohhh la la
Sexy lacy sweater
length of STUNNING black lace

I have no idea what we will use and what we won't.. Meredith  is great and when we get there she will help me pull together 3 distinct looks that will make the most of our time together...  I am going on one more shopping trip before the shoot .. wish me luck!

I am so excited I could just squeal!


Robyn of Coffee and Cotton said...

It all sounds so lovely. Can't wait to see the final pose!

Missus Wookie said...

Sounds wonderful. I know I've enjoyed the domestic shoots we've done and think a professional set might be fun. Haven't done anything like that in... Sheesh dd was a baby.