Boudoir Photography - Down to the Wire Checklist

Sock Dreams - sexy no???
Details, details, details...  a good photoshoot is all in the details for both me and my photographer, but I have every confidence that Meredith has her end of this act together so I am going to concentrate on mine! So for me that means making some lists and then checking off the tasks as I get them accomplished.

First hair -

Mid-color - no makeup - looking glam!

Last night's adventure was with a box of L'oreal semi- permanent hair color in order to wash out those irritating gray hairs that keep springing from my scalp (and why are they kinky wavy like misdirected pubic hairs??)

Ohhh a bit of "Chronic Bitch Face" going on here I see!
So here we go with the after only blown-out hair, the bitch face and the iphone photo - I obviously have no shame.

Next up - nails, some serious leg shaving and deep moisturizing of the skin.

Are we having fun so far???


Katie said...

You know, that pic of you mid-colour, looks a bit Reece Witherspoon-ish! I can't wait to hear more about this photo stuff, I'm living through you on this one....

JeniferRiddle said...

I wish I had had your checklist before I got mine done in December. However, they ruled! Ruled I tell you! AND it was a blast!

Allison said...

Love it!
And now I know why I feel so connected to you - you look exactly like my college roommate! And you are very similarly personalitied!

And the sexy sock pic - WOWZA!