Boudoir Session Reflections

Photo by Risque Boudoir 519 - The skin is all mine!

Last Sunday was my scheduled boudoir session with Meredith and Risque Boudoir. I scheduled this session about 2 weeks before that actual shoot, so VERY last minute. No time to loose 20 or 50 pounds, get my breasts lifted or my tummy tucked.  There was time to do my nails and put a rinse on my hair but little else and that is probably for the best.

I arrived at Meredith's a bit before 1pm and was greeted by her sweet and sassy self and felt comfortable within minutes. After a bit of chat we got right down to looking at the clothing I had brought and deciding on what might be best for each of the three "outfits" I would be wearing. I use the word "outfit" loosely since as you might imagine in the photo above I am wearing little more than a draped sweater and a smile! ( as a note this photo has been radically cropped  by me for the sake of just about everybody.. I can already bet that I will not be welcome at the next local homeschooling convention that is for sure!)

Soon enough Staci Gibbs the makeup artist blew through the door with her happy energy and more makeup than I have ever seen!  Her set up was quick and in no time I was seated and getting made up. As I mentioned in a previous post  Staci introduced me to a wonderful new foundation that has a forgiving amount of coverage that made my skin look fantastic and was a great match for my over all skin tone. We decided to go with hair down for the first shoot so no muss or fuss was needed there.. it was one of those days when my hair looked good despite me.

This photo comes from the end of the first outfit session.. luckily I managed a non-chronic bitch face smile.. but boy was that hard. Really... when I smile like this I feel like I am smiling like Ronald McDonald!.. thank goodness Meredith is quick on the camera and caught this smile before it went away!

In the next session change I got to rock an amazing set of fishnet stockings and a piece of black floral lace. I am anxious to see how these came out! Staci boosted my makeup and  wrestled me into a pair of  false eyelashes.. that was crazy amazing .. more about those in the future!

Session part 3 had me in a set of thigh-highs and a hot pink and black waist cincher and a pair of 5 inch heels that threatened to give me a nose bleed! This also called for a change of hairstyle.. and Staci did a wonderful organic up-do that was amazing!

From beginning to end is was an amazing experience that I will not soon forget. I can't say enough about it and I encourage any woman to do this for themselves and see how fantastic they can look. I also encourage you to contact Risque Boudoir to see about setting up a session. Meredith is one of the warmest sweetest people.. you can't go wrong with her and her amazing talent.


Gene Black said...

That is an excellent shot! The smile is lovely -and I didn't think of Ronald McDonald at all! (((grin)))

Allison said...

How gorgeous! I love the shot, Maddie!

I've shot several boudoir sessions before and I really enjoy them!

Katrina said...

You look incredible!! I knew you would. I'm glad you got a lot from the experience. I know what mine did for me, and it wasn't risque!

Unknown said...

You look amazing!

Rhissanna said...

You look gorgeous, creamy and delicious and gorgeous. (I can say that without sounding weird, right?)You've sold me on the foundation, I just need to find a colour that matches. I love the natural-looking makeup, too. You look about 23. Do we get a tutorial on that?