Cinnamon Cookie Sweater Re-do

Totally inspired by the sweater re-do at Tea Rose Home I got to work on my own version using a sweater that had been laid to the side due to it being ITCHY!....really is there much worse than an itchy sweater on the list of little piss-ant things that can make you really crabby?

It was late at night when I got started on this project.. evidenced by the AWFUL photos.. please excuse them.  First thing was to cut multiple steeks into the sweater. What?... Don't know how to cut a steek?.. well look here  How to Cut a Steek and live to tell the tale

Here I am sewing up the guidelines for the steeks.  I used my fancy dancy feed control on my Bernina, lacking that DO use a walking foot so you don't distort the sweater fabric.

Lots of help was had- This is Bragg, not because he is awesome, but because he was found at Bragg Park as a tiny kitten

After the steeks were cut I inset fabric triangles- this is where a serger is the BOMB!  The fabric is voile. I like how the soft floaty nature contrasts with the sweater.

I took some inspiration from both the Tea Rose Home sweater and this book - SEWING BITS AND PIECES.. love this little book... I think you will too!  Here is a direct link to buy if you feel so inclined!

I did little covered buttons at the peaks of each inset - LOVE me some covered buttons!

I could not be happier with this sweater rescue.. from a pullover I never wore to a cardigan that I love to wear!


Brenda Cregger said...

This is just fabulous and so you. I know you will enjoy wearing it. Thanks for sharing.

Stitchfork said...

Bet you look fabulous wearing this!
Nope, have never cut a steek here.
xo Cathy

Anonymous said...

Its like a whole new you. I love it.

Brenda Williams said...

Wow, I am loving this! I have a couple of silk sweaters that are either too snug or too short. They are begging for this sort of refashion. And, since my DH gave me a serger for Christmas, this would be a good way to put it to use. You have inspired me!