Homeschooling Myths - It takes all kinds

Just another homeschooling mama!  No matter how shocking that might be.

For once and all let us put to bed the myth and legend that seems to be the unshakable bedrock of homeschooling.. a bedrock build on shaky soil and faulty myth for sure!

Homeschoolers are not all alike, we are as diverse as the menu at the Cheescake Factory ( ever been there? 24 pages of food, 200 + items. crazy!).. the ONLY thing that really binds us is that we homeschool..and even that is dicey since we all do it in very different ways.

Some are religious, go to church  all the time types
others are free thinking atheists
the rest are somewhere in the middle

Some are white, married and live in a tidy housing community
others are multi-racial and live on a boat
the rest are everything in between

Some families are two moms
some are single dads
some are a grandmother and an aunt schooling 5 kids from three different families
the rest live somewhere in the middle

Some use curriculum so canned and so boring in would make a nun weep
others fly by the seat of their pants with a prayer in the wind
the rest choose what is best year to year, child by child hoping to find what is best

Some are doing it as a deep calling
some are doing it out of desperation
some have no idea what they are doing but it has to be better than what they left.
they all have moments when they are scared and need support.

Some are straight laced, and jean skirt wearing
others can be found online in a pair of fishnet stockings

It takes all kinds! I celebrate each and everyone one of you!


Debbie Hicks said...

You are so inspiring! I love that you had the courage to do the boudoir shoot and wow, look at the results! You're amazing and look fantastic.

Robyn said...

Absolutely true! Thank you Maddie for giving us all a postive shout-out

Sam I Am said...

You hit the nail on the head!