Hot Comes in All Sizes - Sexy legs

Hot comes in all sizes ( and no that is not me)

One of the things that has been driven home to me by this Boudoir experience is that  HOT comes in all sizes. From size 2 to 22 it is ALL in the attitude and while I have been traveling this path for a while it is now so crystal clear to me that body size has nothing to do with the ability to be confident, sexy or sexual. I have met women who are a size 2 and have the all the personality of a piece of spaghetti but I also know women who are 22's and wear it like fat is a sin.... it's not size.. it is what is in your head and your personal baggage that keeps you from releasing that fantastic person you are... take time to find her no matter your size.

And while attitude is everything the way you ice the cake with clothing, hair and sexy underthings  makes the process even more enjoyable and exciting.. after all you want to express what you feel and that is hard to do with lumpy bumpy over sized clothes with all the sexy of a potato sack.

While I am not longer technically "plus sized"  my legs are still very muscled with calfs of steel and thighs of jello, finding leg wear can sometimes be a challenge.

Both SOCKS DREAMS and HIPS AND CURVES came through for me on some VERY sexy thigh-highs and fishnets in larger sizes that fit my curvy legs!

But what I really might be missing are these  Opera Length black gloves - meow!

What rocks your sexy?

p.s. might actually be some embroidery going on here tomorrow .. who knows!

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