Huck Toweling and Making Your Own Dish Towels

Anybody know the name of this floral fabric? - I want more!

While I can sew anything.. from jeans to couture clothing I really like simple sewing best. I find it very zen and happy so that is why I love doing dishtowels.  So simple, so fun and so practical!

While sometimes I start with pre-made towels and just gussy them up I do like to buy Huck Toweling when I can find it to make my own.  For those not in the know- Huck toweling is a  white cotton fabric with a distinctive weave and bound length ends making it perfect for  custom length cuts of toweling to decorate as you choose.

I always wash my huck 2x in hot and dry on hot to get out all the shrinkage.. it's tough stuff.. go ahead and use it for real!

There are about a million ways to do dishtowels-

 Adding a fun Monogram to a dishtowel

Scrappy bunting dish towel 

Ribbon dish towels - swoon!

Adding a crochet edging for a hand made look

Ruffle and thread art- what more could you want from a towel?

Really  the choices are just about endless and they make perfect gifts so you can feel totally guiltless about make a whole stack of them real soon!

How are your dishtowels looking?  

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