Makeup Matters - Boudoir Afterglow

Got to love an iphone photo
I learned so much through this  boudoir photo process and I am putting some of this new found knowledge into practice!

While I have been a rather regular makeup wearer for many years now I am also not the sort of person who refuses the leave the house without makeup. I do think I look better with it but you will not find me stopping to put on mascara before taking my kid to emergency care or leaving the house due to fire.

Makeup is icing on the cake and I do feel better about myself when I take the time to put it on so it is part of my morning routine. Now up until this point that meant a bit of  mascara, some blush and a my increasing obsession with lipstick ( really I should have seen this change coming)

During my make up and hair session for the shoot I was able to have the ever wonderful makeup artist Staci Gibbs  try multiple colors of  foundation on my face to find just the RIGHT color for me.. not only that she introduced me to a FANTASTIC foundation .. Revlon Photoready foundation   AMAZING stuff.. and  so lightweight.. hell, look at my skin in this photo.. that is with NO photo retouching - it is crazy amazing stuff.  Best yet I learned that my color is ~Shell~.  I am always perplexed when it comes to picking this stuff and SO happy to have such a good match for my skin shade!

Why is this such a big deal?... you see due to very fair skin I am "blessed" with some under eye darkness that tends to have people asking if I feel well even when I feel just fine!.. Do you know what a bummer it is for people to assume you are peeky and  them tell you so on a regular basis... no fun!  With good color and coverage on my face I have already had a couple of people tell me how well rested I look.. that makes a big change in the way I feel - shallow?.. maybe.. truth- for sure!

Coming soon.. my burgeoning obsession with false eyelashes!

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Katie said...

Girl, you look about 25 in that photo!

Rhissanna said...

You tease! You're giving us this a bit at a time!!! You do look gorgeous in that photo, though, so I'm hurrying off to see this new foundation.

Mandy (Well-Read Wife) said...

First, awesome picture! Second, the picture was so awesome I bought some of that foundation today and I loved it.