Organized Sewing Projects

Lest you think that all I do is stand around in my fancy undies and put on makeup all day I have some sewing organization to show off - so there!

hanging my head, lordy what a mess it was!

A couple of weeks ago I got all haus-frau and tackled my fabric storage armoir. It was an unholy mess having just come off holiday sewing and me getting all my class samples done.

After some SERIOUS destashing ( 3 lawn and leaf bagsfull!) and refolding I was left with this.. much

The last part of the equation was storage of projects that were mid-project. Mid cutting, mid piecing, mid-anything. For that I have been thrilled with these Iris Scrapbook cases which I can regularly find on sale for $3-4 bucks each.  I also use them for my craft supplies but where they really do the work is when it comes to holding blocks as I piece them and to gather fabrics as I am putting a new design together. The scrapbook cases have strong latches and being that they are clear I rarely need to label them and that saves time and frustration.

I often get asked how I get so much sewing done.. doing things bit by bit really does work.. and these storage cases make it way easier to make sure I don't loose anything in the process!

I also will toss out there that we use these for our homeschooling supplies to keep project supplies, papers and workbooks together by theme and by child. That way if we are going to be out for the day the kids just grab a box or two to bring along.. they are large enough to function as a lap-desk making them perfect for car-schooling!

How's that for dual purpose!...and now if you will pardon me I going to go try the new lipstick I just bought :)

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A Quilters Playhouse said...

Hi Maddie,

Where do you find thse boxes on sale for $3 - $4?

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

This is the box I use and they are typically $8ish each and then about 40-50% off when I sale. The colored versions run a bit more. I find them at my local Michaels and Joanns