Romantic Steampunkish Necklace

Ever get a project in your head and it just will not let go? Well that is the case when I saw this image from... Say it with me... The Graphics Fairy.  This image is soft and romantic but I wanted a bit more from it so I pulled out a brass jewelry blank and got to work on  my Steampunk Romance Necklace.

The brass blank is about an inch wide so not big at all. I cropped the Love bird image back quite and bit and then reduced it in Photoshop to fit. I then cut it out using VERY tiny sharp scissors. I attached them image to the metal with spray adhesive and then to seal it on I am using Deco Art� Triple Thick Brilliant Brush-On Glaze - 2oz./Gloss   In the  end I will use about 3 coats of this to build up a nice glass-like bubble on top and seal in the brassy patina.  The small hole in the blank is obscured by part of the rose, but after the 2nd coat of glaze is hard I will drill that out and then add the finish coat. 

While this is small I did ponder that it might be very sweet done on a drilled penny.. might have to try that after I get done with this. I hope you will check back in later this week to see how this project comes out!

Also wanted to mention that on Wednesday I am going to have some cool news to share so do hope I will get a visit from you then!

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