School is Dead - Just My Opinion

I get asked quite often why I don't "let" my kids go  to school.  And while "let" might be too strong a word I have done my darndest to make sure that home education way way better, way more engaging and suited for their learning style(s) than school due to my honest belief that schools kill learners.

Yes of course you will find you schooling success stories but these days they are few and far between when compared to the ratio of so called failures.  The system is broken and I have given the last 20 years of my life to my children in hopes of finding a different way.

I am on the tail end of my homeschooling parent journey. If all goes as planed my youngest who is now 10 will start college in 6 years.  6 more years to free  minds and spirits to know that they can be anything without the constraints of a classroom to hold them back.  I don't shun education.. I think knowledge is power. What I shun is the k-12 institution that boxes, molds and turns out kids in batches. I want something better for my kids, I want something better for your kids, for all kids.

I believe that there are spectacular  little children out there being lost each day to a classroom that insists they sit and look forward when at the very moment there is a great painting being created in their heads, or a work of music in their hearts and all they want it to run in circles to feel it whirl through them in greatness. But what they get instead for squirming in their seats is time-out and possible no recess.

I believe that there are middle-schoolers that have more to teach us about compassion and pain than you will ever see while hanging out and watching Dr.Phil but they are deep with worry and anxiety brought on by the cattle car system we call school.  With enough of this stress and peer pressure that they turn to sex and drugs and alcohol or they just dive deep in themselves in depression and do not let us in.

I want something more for all children and while homeschooling is one answer I don't believe it's the only answer but I know for sure school as it stands now the the opposite of any ideas I can bring to mind.


Kristina said...

I'm so glad you shared this. I work in education reform for my day job, and it's a passion of mine to make schools better for all kids. The system is so broken. I have been thinking a lot about home schooling and wondering about your perspective, knowing you teach your kids at home. I realize it's not within the theme of your blog, but I personally would love to hear more of your thoughts on it!!

from the SpiritsFold said...

Excellent video, I I agree with you completely. Here is another by Ken Robibson that is also excellent!