Zip-It Tool - Best Friend of a Long Haired Girl

Zip it Clog Remover

So.. if you have seen me lately you know that my hair has gotten pretty long.. and I love it.  It took almost 4 years to grow my hair out from the VERY short cut I got after my father died, so this long hair thing is quite the victory to say the least!

On the not so positive side it has been VERY hard on my drains. Long hair gets stuck in drains and makes for some VERY slow moving water. Slow draining water means a dirty bathtub and more work.. which means I have to give up time from brushing and fawning all over my hair to scrub a tub... not good! ( yes I am kidding about the fawning but not the scrubbing)

Enter the Cobra Products 400 Zip-It Drain Cleaning Tool   ...yes you did hear angels singing, and yes I love it that much that I am devoting blog space to it.  In fact if I could I would send one to ALL of you ( hmmm maybe I can talk them into a giveaway???)  it is just that amazing.

With this little tool you can save yourself a good chunk of money and a visit from the plumber. Now don't get me wrong, I happen to think my plumber rocks, but  given that this tool is less than $3 bucks and it could save you well over $100... well it is sort of a no brainer!

 I have included  affiliate links to where you can get it online ( Amazon prime folks.. this is a steal of a deal for you!).. but maybe you want to find it locally.  While this display makes it easy to find it is often hung in less than obvious spots around the plumbing department so you might have to ask for it but that is a small price to pay for a tool that will pay you back over 50 times the first time you use it!

The zipitclean website has a bunch of videos on using the simple tool but quite frankly the stuff pulled from these drains make me a bit queasy so watch at your own risk.. it is a VERY effective tool.

The Zip-it people have NO idea who I am .. I just love their product and wanted to share it with you. The links are affiliated through Amazon, so if you get it there.. thanks!


Gene Black said...

Interesting, and even those of us with short hair can use this at times!

Unknown said...

Ah, that's what it is!! I have one of those. Very cool little gadget!

Rhissanna said...

Loose hair makes Hubby feel queasy, so it's my job to clear the dead rat sized hank of hair out of the shower plug hole. To be fair, it's mostly my hair, one of the pitfalls of being menopausal and insisting on waist length locks. I might have a need for one of these. Thanks for the info and yes, if there's a giveaway, I'll be back.