Back From Blissdom Just in Time to Say Goodbye

I am back from Blissdom but it feels a bit more like I have come back from one of those "find yourself" weekends were you are asked to do some hard personal thinking, that and drink many vodka and cranberry Gimlets.  You might not be able to cuss at Blissdom but you sure can drink! (really not that much but a lot for me!)

The apex of the drinks and the thinking has me coming to the point where I am thinking that Domestic Anarchy has run it's course as far as being my primary blogging venue.  In all honestly - does the world really need another smart-ass crafter/sewer/house-dooer blogger?  I am thinking not so much.

So while my readership is at an all time high (thank you!) I will be making the switch over to working on One Hot Marriage on a full time basis.

After much reflection, worksheets, soul searching and yes Gimlets while at Blissdom I came to an epiphany. While I love crafting and sewing, blogging my projects is sucking the joy out of them. Not only that  my passion is helping women embrace their sexuality, improve their marriages and gain body confidence. The best place to do that is at One Hot Marriage. This is a good move for me since let's face it lube and Modpodge were never meant to be mixed!

I invite you to join me over at 1HM for your daily does of inspiration, saucy talk and ways to make your marriage even better each day if that is your cup of tea. Not to mention some very HOT giveaways like I have going on now. ( hint.. go sign up!)

I do understand that talk of sexuality is not comfortable for everyone so  do know that I will be saying goodbye to some of you. Know that I think fondly of my time blogging in Anarchy, but it is time for me to move on.

For those of you I have just met at Blissdom I hope You will also join me at 1HM. I so enjoyed meeting each of you and continuing that most excellent and insightful conversations we were having! psssst.. you ladies rock!

I will continue to do guest posts on the subjects of sewing and crafting on  special occasions  ( I will not be giving up my Graphics Fairy habit!) so if you have something really cool you would like to collaborate on give me a shout at

This week I will be closing the D.A. Facebook page and the D.A Twitter account. But have no fear if you would like to find me  on Facebook look for the new 1HM Facebook page and on Twitter at 1HotMarriage 

Much love to you all,

Self Care- Blissdom Reruns

Oh these photos make me yearn for spring and summer.... soon enough I suppose.. but for now some ideas on self care while I say goodbye to all the sweet women at Blissdom

Last week found me taking time to add bits of beauty to my life with flowers from my garden ( or even the store in a pinch). Today is all about ~the time~ in fact it might be about the purposeful wasting of time which in fact I do not believe is actually a waste at all. My dad called it "puttering about",  and in his honor I call it the same thing. It's time with no specific purpose but always a direction or a location.

Spring through middle Summer each evening you can find me out puttering about in the my flower gardens. And while you might find me with clippers in my hand you can rest assured that I am not really gardening since true 'gardening" is work for early morning when you are rested and ready to greet the day as well as thorny vines and the occasional snake(eek!).  Evenings are different. Often during the Spring and Summer we dine at  a charming little table on our amazing front porch that Doc built with his very own hands. Ceiling fans whipping the air and the sound or crickets instead of a CD on the player.  It is heaven.

When dinner is over, Doc pulls out his laptop or his Nook, the boys get their scooters or maybe like tonight they practice their fly-fishing casts. I grab my garden gloves and my snips and start my very lazy putter around the front yard inspecting my flower beds and  rose bushes.

The puppies frolic about the front yard on their leads ( we live on a very busy street, nothing else would be safe) and I make my way around planning, dreaming and snipping  ( dead heading) if I feel so inclined.  Evening light is gracious and it's easier to over look the parts  that need still to be weeded, the Crepe Myrtles that need pruning and the  multiple wheel barrows full of mulch that I need to move into the  beds. 

Puttering is not a time to think about such real work things. It is for dreaming bigger dreams about herb gardens  and watching  for the first fire fly ( and bat) of the night. It's time for me to be in my own head and to relax in a more holistic way than sitting in front of a computer or watching tv since rarely after either of those pursuits do I feel rested and yet alive and aware and that is indeed what self care is about.

Of course you don't need a garden to enjoy puttering around. In fact in the deep heat of Summer and in the Winter you will find me poking around my studio, fussing with ribbon, doing a lazy organization of thread or just looking at my glorious range of supplies and dreaming up new projects.  It's all fair game.  I know a scrapbooker who likes nothing better than to fondle and putter with her amazing stash of paper, stickers and stamps. And a photographer who spends their puttering time playing with Photoshop with no goal in mind but to explore. It all heals the soul, and calms the mind, what more can you ask?

How do you putter about?

Sexy Hair Over 40 - Blissdom Reruns

Super attractive bathroom mirror shot!

A couple of years ago I put in place my personal plan to "get my groove back".  I had lost my groove (once again) and  had to spend some time digging around for it.  Part of that plan was paying more attention to my hair  and learning hairstyles for longer hair since mine was changing as I aged and I was not keeping pace with the everyday pulled to the back ponytail was not a style, it was a  desperation cop-out for sure. I had to be able to do better than that!

What once was a mass of thick, fast growing locks had slowed down, thinned out and gotten dry no thanks to my funky thyroid. Luckily I came from a people with an obviously high follicle count but what was once a fist full of hair that took the extra big  hair elastics now had me twisting those hair elastics 3-4 times to have them grip in my hair at all- ugh.

I was not ready to go into that good dark night of hair I could not love and had to cut short to manage so had to learn tips and tricks to make the most of what I have. This means learning new hair styles and  hair product, (sometimes 2-3 of them) to have hair I love and get compliments on (yes I am shallow, I want my hair to look so good that I get compliments on it- do you hate me now?)

The internet is a fan-freaking-tastic place to find about a million zillion hair tutorials with some being better than others. I thought  I might share a couple of my favorite long hair resources with you. But in a nut shell-learn how to tease that hair for natural volume and get a teasing brush!

I am going to start with my favorite for long hair girls. Natalia at Ma Nouvelle Mode  is beautiful and has rockin hair and some of the best most friendly tutorials out there.  I would also like to mention that her husband is wildly handsome but try to tear your eyes away from him and watch the videos..  In fact my  Mini-twists (which are actually little buns) were totally inspired by a tutorial she did last week.

Keiko Lynn is fresh and fantastic and about the age of my oldest child but I love her hair and really like being inspired by what she does and this sweet hair tutorial.

And for those who love braid of all sorts plus easy and fast do's ( me me me me me ) I give you Hair Dresser on Fire

So what do you think?.. I suspect the world of hair tutorials is saturated enough but maybe I will do a couple over the coming weeks, and maybe you would want to watch??.. after all.. would you really want to give up the chance to see me like this?

Building a Budget Wine Room - Blissdom Reruns

One of my biggest surprise projects to date and i still get questions about it. Feel free to leave yours and i will answer them when I get back from Blissdom!

This has been a long and busy week here at the Anarchy Estate starting with a 12 hour power outage and ending in a finished wine room for Doc.

I would like to say that I was a wonderful blogger and took photos all along the way and I did take a few but they are underwhelming at best and show a lot of dust, supplies all over the floor and at one point me cursing at a cat who stepped on the blinds I was fixing up for the room... sexy stuff!

For those who crave all the inside project dirt -  I created this wine room as a gift for Doc since quite honestly he is so very gracious as to let me have the rest of the house to decorate as I please. I though it only fair that he have a room that is all about him.  This room is in our newly redone basement which I can only say was possibly the most scary 100 year old basement on the block.  Doc knew this project was on the horizon but not what is was going to look like and since he was out of town last week I blasted into action and took the room from bare walls to done in 5 days including the  power outage, homeschooling the kids and the rest of life.

As mentioned this room is in our basement and thus came with all sorts of quirky issues that had to be dealt with when we were building it out.  The part of the basment is only about 12 x8 ish so very hard to photograph! The bulkhead above the counter was built to cover the large ducts of the air handler and had previously had a closest built under it but  had to be all ripped out when it was found out that the ducts had HUGE cracks in them and all my preciou$ air and heat was leaking down into our previously unfinished basement ~sigh~ for 6 years ~double sigh~

After the tear out I decided not to replace the closets since I was catching the vision for how the wine room might look. I look a risk and put small pot lights in the bulkhead with the thought of a wine bar and bottle storage area.

Considering that a wine room was not exactly high on the priority list but I so wanted to do this for him I kept to a rather conservative budget given that you could spend endless sums of money on this sort of project.  The cabinets are stock from Lowes. I had wanted the even darker version but it was special order so I went with the Cheyenne finish which in the end I am liking for this space. I picked the unit with the deep drawers so daily use wine glasses could be stored in them., the smaller cabinet so larger bottles could be stored upright and the end cabinet so yet another wine shipment could be stored away until it could be opened, cataloged and put in the racks.

Speaking of racks, these were from Ikea and very budget friendly  but in the end if I had more time I would have really likes to have stained them dark or purchased some others. But in the world of wine, racks are EEEEXXXXPPPEEENISVE when you are talking about enough racks for 200ish bottles of wine.

The counter top is stock laminate with a snazzy ogee front edge. There was no room in the budget or the time table for anything else and over all given the space and the use this looks nice.

The wine chiller was also stock from Lowes. It's lighted and has temp zones. I had been hoping to pick up a Haier cooler but the only two I could find locally at a reasonable price were the taller ones and I needed an under counter model to work with this project. - such is life!  And not to beat a dead horse but the rug was also from Lowes. The colors are no quite true in the photo, the squares that look brown are actually eggplant colored and quite nice.

I kept things pretty simple decor wise since while I am a " more is more" sort of girl this room is all about Doc and I wanted it to be the things he loves.    The piece of art above the cabinet is  a ~re-art~ piece by yours truly entitled Wine Rings and I did it just for this room.

~ In the keeping it real portion of this post I will say that the wine glasses were just out for the photo since while Doc is a wine lover he is also the furry daddy to 5 cats who like nothing better than to kock over 12+ wine glasses at a time when trying to get up into that window  behind the blinds at the top of the photo~

Speaking of those blinds, they are hiding a VEEERRRRY ugly deep well basement level window that is oddly placed on that wall so I used blinds across the whole nook to even things out.  The blinds were that reallytacky cheap thrifty variety that are like plastic straws and are used outdoors since they wash off really fast?..  at 6 feet wide they where just $10 but I had to radically shorten them and then added a double coat of oil rubbed bronze spray finish for something that looks much nicer than what it really is!

All of the accessories came from a whirl wind shopping trip through Homegoods and Hobby Lobby. Oh, the the floor is painted concrete for ease of cleaning through the whole basement including the rooms that hook up the this space, which include a new bathroom, a small and as of yet undone kitchen, tv/hang space and a workout room and extra pantry.  With a little luck I will get the rest of those spaces done over the course of this year so keep your eyes peeled for those revels!

But there you go.. my gift to Doc.. his own space for his own hobby!.. Love you honey!

Paleo While at Blissdom - Reruns

Trying so hard to stay Paleo, I really feel so much better when I do.  The time at Blissdom will be a real challenge but with a little luck maybe i can come back feeling even better than when I left.  Her is a little something from the bloggy time machine to think about.

Are these not the best looking grilled veggies you have ever seen? and yes they were delish!

So last night finds me out on the back deck grilling up veggies and "off the stick kabobs" for dinner and reflecting on how my Paleo/weightloss adventure was going so far. As you can see I have lost about 12 pounds so far and am resting at a stubborn 180 pounds. I can say that while not hyper strict with my Paelo ways that I can tell that when I am more dedicated I do better and when I slip it is a fast flume ride to eating grain based items and sugar like it is going out of style. And while I have not slipped much at all  when I have each time I have learned something new so from that point I am not beating myself up too much about it.

Today was a good example, I had a large meat protein filled breakfast with good oils coming from Avocado and I was not even remotely hungry until almost 2pm. This is where things went wrong, I decided to have some left over pasta salad that was in the fridge for lunch.. very non-Paelo.. and I did enjoy it but within 1.5 hours I was hungry again and found myself back in the kitchen craving sugar and bread, without much thought I found myself eating a piece of bread with butter.. then back again, ..yadda yadda... it was so "old me" that it took some time to catch on and at that point I just locked myself in my office as not to eat more since I was now stomach full but full of cravings.. bad.

I made lots of beef for dinner with tons of veggies.. ate all  could and I am good for the night. ... lesson learned and ready to face another weight loss day!

How is your journey?

Growing Sons - Blissdom Reruns

 I was pretty pissed off when I wrote this.. but still feel the same. Put up or shut up but quit bashing your husband, it just makes you look bad and makes your husband look like an idiot for staying with you. As mothers we need to be showing our boys what to expect, not what to avoid.

Sturdy Oaks do grow... but ....

I am the mother of one darling daughter and 5 wonderful young men, so while my girl is totally wonderful I tend to think of myself as more of a " mom of boys" due to the 5:1 ratio. This" mom of boys" thing means my ears are tuned to the way society mentors young men and you know what ... over all I can't say that I will be giving out any passing grades on this matter any time too soon.

And before you think I am going to be picking on the men... think again.. This one is for those ladies out there who can't seem to find a nice thing to say about their husbands or boyfriends and spend a considerable amount of their time letting people know it. The one's who talk about what a sloppy, no good  guy he is while  also talking about how you are then sneaking yet another bag of fabric ( clothes, Home Shopping Channel order) into the house apparently  in the name of getting yourself a guest shot on ~Hoarders~

Just this week  I was at the fabric store with Son13, as we stood in line with our bolts of fabric along with 6 women and one older gentleman. The ladies began with the usual sewing store line chit-chat that quite quickly turned into from innocent project one-upsmanship to a rather nasty round of male/husband bashing that made me, my son and the gentleman waiting extremely uncomfortable to say the least.  
Next time you are out take some time to listen to the conversations around you, what are you hearing?  Do you hear women talking about their hardworking husbands? Or many dare I say it, a compliment about them or to them?

  When did it become socially acceptable to verbally trash the person you have committed your life to in the name of female bonding? If he is really that bad get out of the marriage for goodness sake!

The young boys in our lives hear what is being said,what do you hear?

Make a Crafty Journal - Blissdom Reruns

Packing, running to Target and being with a darling friend..  On our way to Blissdom. In the meantime enjoy this rather popular post.. you people sure do love your Modpodge!

Today was SO very busy but it just did not feel right to let the day end without a least a little bit of crafting to wind down my busy mind. And really who came blame me with such an adorable image to work with!  Of course you know where it's from.. Graphics Fairy.. do you ever get tired of me saying that?

I think Karen has this with the Halloween stuff and maybe also under birds since the strong owl thing is going on.. but for me..well just file it under adorable! I have had this printed out and waiting to work with for a while  and tonight seemed just right.

I am a big fan of old-school style composition books for personal journaling but you have to admit they are not much to look at but again... easy fix!

I started with an image that I sized for the front of the note book.. 6.5x 10ish .

Then as to not glue any of the pages together I slipped the body and back cover of the book into a plastic bag ( plastic wrap also works) this left the front ready to embellish.

I am sure you all can guess what is next... I slapped on a coat of Mod Podge with an old brush that was sitting around. For this first coat I like to use the MATTE-MAT version since I am going to want to sand the edges a bit and the satin and gloss don't take as well to that sort of treatment.

Starting at the black edge of the front and going all over the surface I slop on a good layer but not so much that it would run if I lifted the book upright.

Next I smoothed the image onto the  front and added another layer of the Mode Podge and left it to dry... and that is just where it is sitting right now so you are going to have to check back in tomorrow afternoon to see what comes next!... yes I know.. I am a tease!

See you back here this on Monday afternoon for the rest of the project!

 Edit: You can find Part 2 HERE

Reading is Still Sexy - Blissdom Week Reruns

This week I am getting ready for and attending Blissdom, I leave you with some of my top posts from the past few years!  Have fun and follow the my Blissdom adventure via facebook!

Dear incredibly obnoxious lady at Barnes & Nobel,

Yes you! You who complained loudly and bitterly to the long suffering B&N sales person that you had to buy books for your teen daughter to read over Summer as an obligation for her next school year. You who complained about how much it was going to cost to buy those two trade print paperbacks while you shifted your mall bags from arm to arm to redistribute your "Hot Topic" haul of tube tops and short-shorts.

You who rubbed your brain cells into a frenzy at the idea that your daughter had to read  TWO WHOLE BOOKS this Summer and bemoaned that  there as no way she would have time. Not only that, you  then popped off with your sage and obviously well researched opinion that " boys don't like smart girls"  followed by the life qualifier "I don't read ~nothin~ and I have had three husbands - so far"  At which point I barked out a spontaneous laugh so loud and so wrong that you looked around, glared at me and my stack of books and magazines, turned on your bedazzled flip-flop and left.

If I could say one thing to you ( I promise I would do it slow and clear)  I would say that reading is the sexiest thing a person can do. To load your brain with new ideas, places, characters is the ultimate in brain candy. It makes your conversations sparkle and it makes you interesting. It means that smart well read men will find you  attractive and good for more than just a roll in the hay with no call the next day.  Being well read is still the best way to better yourself that can actually be free. The library is open to everyone, heck even Barnes and Nobel will let you sit your butt there all day every day and read each and every book they have without paying a dime.  Maybe, just maybe with enough good books your daughter will swim against the tide and work her way to the other end of the gene-pool since right now lady you are totally wadding in the shallow end and that is not good for anyone!  But that is just my opinion.

p.s. This woman reminded me SOOOOO much of the "mother" character from the movie Matilda that it was almost to good to be true..  do you know the character I mean??

Liberator Shape Giveaway

Today over at 1HotMarriage begins my celebration of going to Blissdom next week. To celebrate I am giving away a sexy Wedge support cushion from Liberator... oh yes I am!

While things are growing fast over at 1HM I still think that anyone who leaves a comment is going to have a very good chance at being a winner!.. so why not give it a spin?

More Shoe Confessions

A couple of months ago I posted about how I was saying goodbye to the shoes in my closet that made me feel silly and immature..  namely I purged my MaryJanes .  Well I am at it again, this time with an eye towards ballet flats. In actuality I own  few of these so it was an easy purge. I  find them rather uncomfortable and unsupported.  I love them on other people and have tried so hard to love them myself.. but no luck.

I also suspect they might not  be all that good for your feet. Have you ever noticed how people walk when they wear them? Just watch.. ballet flats seem to edit the stride of the walker and  make many people shuffle-walk like patients in the hospital after a rather lengthy surgical procedure.  It has been pointed out that Dr. Oz has something to say on this as well - who knew?  Walking funny is not strong or sexy.  I just can't shake the vibe that I am wearing house shoes when I slip on a pair- extra worse if they have a bow!

So out they go! ( exception - Sidekicks Foldable Ballet Flats Shoes w/ Carrying Case BLACK MEDIUM  for wearing to get quickly through TSA screening in airports those I keep!) 

Mind you this REALLY cuts into the shoes that are currently on the market.. on one hand this made getting through the bazillion shoes at DSW quite a bit faster, there were multiple aisles of shoes that I did not even have to walk down.  Down side, there were less aisles to walk down at DSW!

With all that fast aisle walking I made it back to the discount room rather quickly.. Now usually I don't score in this room either but yesterday was a different story..  seems that in preparation for the new spring styles they are wanting to move out some shoes since many many boxes were marked with the beloved yellow sticker which means they are 80% off the sale price... swoon

I obviously need some sort of intervention.. by ohhh baby.. at 80% off I am helpless I tell you!  And with all great bits of karma, I had just gotten rid of 4 pairs of ballet flats so all is well in the cosmic balance.

The Unfitted Kitchen

Hello there sun glare!

Well it seems some photos from my kitchen have been pinned to someone's Pinterest board since all of a sudden I am getting a lot of traffic from people coming to see some half-assed photos of my unfitted kitchen.

These might possibly be on a board called ~Will she ever finish that Kitchen?~.  Yes folks, 10 year into owning this old house and my kitchen is still not done.. and in fact it has been so long undone that there are things I will be changing before it ever does get done!.. C*R*A*Z*Y.

As mentioned my kitchen in unfitted.. meaning I have few if any real "kitchen cabinets".. I have shelves, funky vintage furniture and pie safes to hold canned goods but very little of what you might often find in a kitchen.  This piece is one of the newest-  .. it sits next to the stove and holds my overflow of cookbooks and other such things.. I like it but  it is not quite perfect for the space, but good enough for now.. and sometimes that is good enough!

For those interested in a bit more about unfitted design  I have pulled together a few links for you.. I am swell like that :)

English Style Unfitted Kitchen 

Unfitted eye candy

Some ideas and great use of vintage furniture

While most people don't want to go totally unfitted I think that bringing in a least one piece of  stand alone furniture to a kitchen really softens the room and makes it more homey.. if you are thinking about this look towards some of the older pieces out there for great personality and detail- it is amazing what just a single unfitted piece can do for a kitchen!

Makeup Posey Instructions

Thanks You to everyone who left love about the little makeup posey I created for the teen of a darling friend. I promised some tips, hints and instructions so here we go!

I started off by bagging up the cosmetics in small zippy bags made for holding beads and small crafting supplies.

I them used 3 pipe cleaners wound together with a 4th to make  the stems strong enough to support the makeup.  Had I planned ahead I would have used balloon sticks like the delightful smarties over at A Spoonful of Sugar  but it seems that planning ahead is not my forte this month so.. pipe cleaners it is!

With a square of green tissue ( get it.. like leaves?) and some tape I attached each item to a stem.

With all the items together it was rather heavy so to keep it all together I cut a circle of stiff-felt and made a support cone.

After the support cone was in place I wrapped the posey in tissue paper and a ribbon... easy as that!

I have found a couple other version and ideas to share with you.. take a look at these!

How about a sock bouquet?

A cookie bouquet?

Come on.. I know you can think of more.. add your good idea in the comments!

Valentine's Makeup Posey

You don't have too spend to much time reading to see how fast sugar is falling out of favor this holiday season. What is the Valentine's gift giver to do when the  famous box of chocolates is no longer an option?.. easy get creative!

For the young teen girl  in your life create a lovely little posey or nosegay filled with treats made up of the makeup you know they love to wear.  And if not make up how about nail polish?  Not into nail painting? - how about some sweet flavored lip balms. Really the options are just about endless.

Check back and I will show you how to do this step by step!

Creating a Great looking Pony Tail

 Today I am over at  One Hot Marriage talking about a couple of ways to turn your boring pony tail habit into hair that you feel good about!

See you there!

Soldering Jewelry -Take Chances Necklace

While the rest of the world might be watching the SuperBowl I am having a delightful Sunday crafting up a storm and using my favorite Graphics Fairy images. .. Really how can you not love this one... what a fantastic image !

Whenever I see this mighty bird I always think of the story about them sticking their heads in the sand to avoid the hard and the scary of life... what a better twist to help me remember to take chances!!

I used some medical grade glass slides ( thanks Diane!) and an image from the GF for this and then sealed it by soldering it closed.  I make quite a bit of my own jewelry with this technique and really enjoy it.

Since I was sort of on a roll I then took a glass heart that I have had  F O R E V E R and noticed that it was the same size at the floral image on the front of a sweet thank you card I got from a creative little soul.  Seemed like divine direction to me, so I made it into a paperweight!

I used wavy copper tape to create this cute pie-crust edge of solder... The whole back is soldered as well to protect the image.

For those who would be interested in learning more about this or how to do it.. these are the products I started with.. I am only going to list the ones I found helpful with a couple notes about each..

 I started with the "Simply Swank" Complete Craft Jewelry Soldering Kit - Tools & Materials  I got mine at a local craft shop and there it was a bit more expensive than the Amazon price. I compared it to putting together the items alacart and at that point it was still a better deal, looks like it still is since it has everything you need to start.

  I also purchased this book and still refer back to it when I am trying to figure out a tricky bit. Simple Soldered Jewelry & Accessories: A Crafter's Guide to Fashioning Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets & More  I see it is now MUCH cheaper than when I got it.. lucky you.. but I still am thrilled to have it since locally there were not classes I could take to learn from someone else!

Speaking of classes-

After the book I found out there was a video.. SCORE.. this is like a class in a box.. easy to watch and you can watch it whenever. Simply Solder Techniques For Creating Soldered Art - DVD - Lisa Bluhm  Well worth it if you are someone who needs to SEE something to understand it.

So there you go.. my soldering secrets are now yours!.. go forth and make something!

Most links are via my Amazon affiliate page- happy shopping!