Awesome Stickers- Welcome to Sticker Mule

One of the most frequent crafting questions I get is about making stickers from project and products. I often design and home-print for small projects  using  but that can before tedious and actually quite expensive when talking about needing bigger numbers.

Enter Sticker Mule a demand and print sticker company with a slick easy to use interface and super duper quick turn around time! I am doing some stickers for Blissdom with them and they have been so kind to to extend an offer to my readers!  So if you are thinking stickers for any event.. use this $10 Sticker Mule Credit  to save yourself a bit of money.. save even more money with large orders since if you need more than 100 stickers the price drops in a BIG way { happy dance}

Sticker Mule is a D.A. affiliate, thank you for shopping with them.. I know you will love them!

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