Back From Blissdom Just in Time to Say Goodbye

I am back from Blissdom but it feels a bit more like I have come back from one of those "find yourself" weekends were you are asked to do some hard personal thinking, that and drink many vodka and cranberry Gimlets.  You might not be able to cuss at Blissdom but you sure can drink! (really not that much but a lot for me!)

The apex of the drinks and the thinking has me coming to the point where I am thinking that Domestic Anarchy has run it's course as far as being my primary blogging venue.  In all honestly - does the world really need another smart-ass crafter/sewer/house-dooer blogger?  I am thinking not so much.

So while my readership is at an all time high (thank you!) I will be making the switch over to working on One Hot Marriage on a full time basis.

After much reflection, worksheets, soul searching and yes Gimlets while at Blissdom I came to an epiphany. While I love crafting and sewing, blogging my projects is sucking the joy out of them. Not only that  my passion is helping women embrace their sexuality, improve their marriages and gain body confidence. The best place to do that is at One Hot Marriage. This is a good move for me since let's face it lube and Modpodge were never meant to be mixed!

I invite you to join me over at 1HM for your daily does of inspiration, saucy talk and ways to make your marriage even better each day if that is your cup of tea. Not to mention some very HOT giveaways like I have going on now. ( hint.. go sign up!)

I do understand that talk of sexuality is not comfortable for everyone so  do know that I will be saying goodbye to some of you. Know that I think fondly of my time blogging in Anarchy, but it is time for me to move on.

For those of you I have just met at Blissdom I hope You will also join me at 1HM. I so enjoyed meeting each of you and continuing that most excellent and insightful conversations we were having! psssst.. you ladies rock!

I will continue to do guest posts on the subjects of sewing and crafting on  special occasions  ( I will not be giving up my Graphics Fairy habit!) so if you have something really cool you would like to collaborate on give me a shout at

This week I will be closing the D.A. Facebook page and the D.A Twitter account. But have no fear if you would like to find me  on Facebook look for the new 1HM Facebook page and on Twitter at 1HotMarriage 

Much love to you all,


Shell said...

So exciting! :)

Allison said...

Awesome! I'm glad you found a good direction for your blogging! I can't wait to see where this change takes you!

Brenda Cregger said...

I can certainly understand how paths open and close. I truely have enjoyed DA and meeting you. May you have wonderful success over at 1HM. Thanks again for helping me on my path. Enjoy. B.

Katy said...

Congrats on finding your path. I have had fun reading and learning from you and wish you all the success you deserve. Take care and again...congrats!

Unknown said...

Back just in time to say goodbye is right!
Well, I obviously have no choice BUT to visit you on your new blog!
Looking forward to it!

all.things.fadra said...

I think it's brilliant. Follow your passion and keep the joy in your HOBBIES. I've lost a little along the way and I'm trying to get it back too!

Leanne said...

Interesting. And great to meet you at Blissdom! I'm trying to figure out my blogging path too butI'm thrilled that you've found a path that works for you. I'll follow you along and see where it takes you - but I'll probably be blushing. ;)

Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy said...

Wow, that's BOLD. Go get it, Maddie!

And it was lovely to meet you IRL!

Shelley from Ground Beef Budget said...

That is great Maddie, I am glad you found your bliss. All of us Chattanooga bloggers need to get together soon!

Sherry Carr-Smith (@prcarrs) said...

I'm so excited for you! It's a big step, but it sounds like it's perfect for where you are right now. Vodka Gimlets FTW!