Blogging like Makeup - Thinking about Blissdom

They are both the real me

As I get ready for Blissdom I have been thinking a lot about social media. Blogging, Pinterst, Facebook, Twitter and now Google + ( no I am not there I am fighting that change!). Social media is just about anything anyone is talking about. The newest  reports will be no surprise to anyone, these forms of communication are being primarily used by women. Women out to share, connect and spread their personal message and this is good. It is the happy bright side of all this online social connection. I love the part about women ( and some men.. we NEED more men!) supporting each other, what I don't love is the tendency to mom-blog only the good. This is fine if we think of blogging as entertainment but not if we consider it some form of valid honest communication and support.

Blogging is the makeup to the real lives we live. I can choose to show you as much or as little of my real life as I choose. I can blog so happy and perky and cute and crafty that it would make your teeth hurt ( you know those blogs..right?) Or I can choose to show you me in all my forms.. me without makeup, without my hair done, the me you would get if you needed a friend in the middle of the night. We need not  be afraid to show  that face so I put mine right there for everyone to see ( zits and all).

Blogging is the best me, the one I would want to be but am human and frail and fall sort of each day. The blog-me awakens with birds twittering around her and has little mice bring her slippers. The real me awakens and then looks  suspiciously through bleary eyes to make sure that the cat did not throw up anything during the night. The blog me needs no make up since I am aging so well, the real me is on her 4th winkle cream ( suggestions?)

I am bringing both "me's" with me to Blissdom- hope you like them and I hope you bring both of yours too, since I want to know both of them as well!

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The Sisters' Hood said...

Love the 'is that you in there' when reading a post on my screen.
Me, pretty much what you see is what you get --- look forward to meeting 'both' of you at Blissdom and since i feel really old and wrinkly today ... i may be the one wearing a really big hat ;)