Growing Sons - Blissdom Reruns

 I was pretty pissed off when I wrote this.. but still feel the same. Put up or shut up but quit bashing your husband, it just makes you look bad and makes your husband look like an idiot for staying with you. As mothers we need to be showing our boys what to expect, not what to avoid.

Sturdy Oaks do grow... but ....

I am the mother of one darling daughter and 5 wonderful young men, so while my girl is totally wonderful I tend to think of myself as more of a " mom of boys" due to the 5:1 ratio. This" mom of boys" thing means my ears are tuned to the way society mentors young men and you know what ... over all I can't say that I will be giving out any passing grades on this matter any time too soon.

And before you think I am going to be picking on the men... think again.. This one is for those ladies out there who can't seem to find a nice thing to say about their husbands or boyfriends and spend a considerable amount of their time letting people know it. The one's who talk about what a sloppy, no good  guy he is while  also talking about how you are then sneaking yet another bag of fabric ( clothes, Home Shopping Channel order) into the house apparently  in the name of getting yourself a guest shot on ~Hoarders~

Just this week  I was at the fabric store with Son13, as we stood in line with our bolts of fabric along with 6 women and one older gentleman. The ladies began with the usual sewing store line chit-chat that quite quickly turned into from innocent project one-upsmanship to a rather nasty round of male/husband bashing that made me, my son and the gentleman waiting extremely uncomfortable to say the least.  
Next time you are out take some time to listen to the conversations around you, what are you hearing?  Do you hear women talking about their hardworking husbands? Or many dare I say it, a compliment about them or to them?

  When did it become socially acceptable to verbally trash the person you have committed your life to in the name of female bonding? If he is really that bad get out of the marriage for goodness sake!

The young boys in our lives hear what is being said,what do you hear?

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carol said...

To stop a friend who was bashing her husband from doing that, I interrupted her and said, "But you love the big lug, right." She stopped and it made a great luncheon.

Another great response would have been "Ladies there are gentlemen present", which is the opposite of what my Mom would tell my dad and his brothers when they got a little rowdy.