Makeup Posey Instructions

Thanks You to everyone who left love about the little makeup posey I created for the teen of a darling friend. I promised some tips, hints and instructions so here we go!

I started off by bagging up the cosmetics in small zippy bags made for holding beads and small crafting supplies.

I them used 3 pipe cleaners wound together with a 4th to make  the stems strong enough to support the makeup.  Had I planned ahead I would have used balloon sticks like the delightful smarties over at A Spoonful of Sugar  but it seems that planning ahead is not my forte this month so.. pipe cleaners it is!

With a square of green tissue ( get it.. like leaves?) and some tape I attached each item to a stem.

With all the items together it was rather heavy so to keep it all together I cut a circle of stiff-felt and made a support cone.

After the support cone was in place I wrapped the posey in tissue paper and a ribbon... easy as that!

I have found a couple other version and ideas to share with you.. take a look at these!

How about a sock bouquet?

A cookie bouquet?

Come on.. I know you can think of more.. add your good idea in the comments!

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