More Shoe Confessions

A couple of months ago I posted about how I was saying goodbye to the shoes in my closet that made me feel silly and immature..  namely I purged my MaryJanes .  Well I am at it again, this time with an eye towards ballet flats. In actuality I own  few of these so it was an easy purge. I  find them rather uncomfortable and unsupported.  I love them on other people and have tried so hard to love them myself.. but no luck.

I also suspect they might not  be all that good for your feet. Have you ever noticed how people walk when they wear them? Just watch.. ballet flats seem to edit the stride of the walker and  make many people shuffle-walk like patients in the hospital after a rather lengthy surgical procedure.  It has been pointed out that Dr. Oz has something to say on this as well - who knew?  Walking funny is not strong or sexy.  I just can't shake the vibe that I am wearing house shoes when I slip on a pair- extra worse if they have a bow!

So out they go! ( exception - Sidekicks Foldable Ballet Flats Shoes w/ Carrying Case BLACK MEDIUM  for wearing to get quickly through TSA screening in airports those I keep!) 

Mind you this REALLY cuts into the shoes that are currently on the market.. on one hand this made getting through the bazillion shoes at DSW quite a bit faster, there were multiple aisles of shoes that I did not even have to walk down.  Down side, there were less aisles to walk down at DSW!

With all that fast aisle walking I made it back to the discount room rather quickly.. Now usually I don't score in this room either but yesterday was a different story..  seems that in preparation for the new spring styles they are wanting to move out some shoes since many many boxes were marked with the beloved yellow sticker which means they are 80% off the sale price... swoon

I obviously need some sort of intervention.. by ohhh baby.. at 80% off I am helpless I tell you!  And with all great bits of karma, I had just gotten rid of 4 pairs of ballet flats so all is well in the cosmic balance.


Katie said...

Ugh. I detest ballet flats. Not because they aren't cute, they so are, but because I can't walk past a puddle of spit without my feet getting soaked. I am not a fan of wet feet. Good riddance to your ballet flats ;-)

Round Rock Gal said...

I have never worn ballet slippers, but I am into comfort ergo assorted athletic shoes and those ugly-but-cute sketchers that look like football shoes. (At least to me anyway). The plus side - no bunions and no high-heel related foot pain. The bad news...I look like I'm ready to clean out the garage or do some yard work most days. I need inspiration to clean out my closet too and get some much needed style.

Betsy said...

Be still my heart ;-) I'm a follower in Dalton, so I know the store of which you speak...have a great day - enjoy your pretties!