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Wicked Wednesday's can now be found at

Well I have to admit I did not think I would get to this day, I am both excited and nervous to announce that Wicked Wednesday has been moved to it's own website!

With that move comes a name change to One Hot Marriage, an updated format and soon guest writers, product reviews and...... a VERY nice giveaway.

To quote a friend - "you are going to write about WHAT???"  Yes, I am writing about sex. I happen to find sex really interesting. I happen to find marriage really important. Put the two together and you get
One Hot Marriage ( where I can blather on about both of them, the need for comprehensive sex education, positive body image and more.

But never fear.. if 1HM is not your cup of tea I will still be here at Domestic Anarchy, sewing and crafting and homeschooling . Since after all a girl does need to rest ever now and then.

Please take a moment to pop over, look around and leave a message. Also make sure to check back since in the next 7 days the  1HM Facebook page will launch as well as the Twitter handle. At that time the giveaways will begin!

p.s. thanks to my readers who have encouraged me to do this and supported it with lots of cool thoughts, well wishes and the occasional kick in the butt!

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lacey stephens said...

Yay! Excited needless to say!