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Valentie's Day is coming and with it come the widest variety of frankly trashy throw away crafts then at any other time of the year. Something about the holiday seems to suspend rational thought and make it "cute" or " precious" to cover a cardboard toilet paper tubes with glitter and call it a viable artistic experience.

Yes, when it comes to this topic I am a total crank. Why let children waste time on such projects when they could be making items that are useful and actually beautiful? So out with the neon colored plastic pony beads, the fun foam and plastic lacing!  Let's look at how we can kick things up a notch! Here are three for both boys and girls to get you started!

Doing it Old School

Sure you can find little plastic weaving looms with the nylon loops at any hobby shop ( ick).. but the sturdy old fashioned kind with the nice cotton loops?.. Yep, rare like hens teeth - that is why I am VERY excited about this one.  Harrisville Designs Potholder Deluxe kit is just like the vintage version that I have that was obviously used for a long time before I got it!  Remember to get an extra bag of loops and if you want really nice results pre-sort the colors into families that blend well for really great looking projects. I still own and use the pot holder made for me by my oldest.. good memories. ( 4 and up)

For the Older Child

Needle felting is a wonderful hobby for children 10 and up and really takes up little room so perfect for households that are limited on space for arts and crafts.  These little owls have totally stolen my heart. Owls Wool Needle Felting Craft Kit by WoolPets. Made in the USA.   This kit is by Wool Pets and they are the first kit I ever used back when I was learning needle felting and then teaching my kids. So nice that everything you need is in the kit and wonderful directions make even first timers feel confident! ( 10 and over)

Busy Fingers are Happy Fingers!

This little craft is known by a million names, spool knitting, Corking, French Knitting, but no matter what name it is all done with a little tool of some sort and some yarn. I happen to really like this version Camden Rose Knitting Tower or Knitting Nancy (with Yarn)  due to it being wood, a bit more chunky ( easier for little hands) and smooth at the top.. this makes it easier to "jump" the yarn over for littler crafters.  Using a pink and white variegated thread this would make great trim for V-day projects as well as necklace cord and hair bows! ( 4 and up)

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