Self Care- Blissdom Reruns

Oh these photos make me yearn for spring and summer.... soon enough I suppose.. but for now some ideas on self care while I say goodbye to all the sweet women at Blissdom

Last week found me taking time to add bits of beauty to my life with flowers from my garden ( or even the store in a pinch). Today is all about ~the time~ in fact it might be about the purposeful wasting of time which in fact I do not believe is actually a waste at all. My dad called it "puttering about",  and in his honor I call it the same thing. It's time with no specific purpose but always a direction or a location.

Spring through middle Summer each evening you can find me out puttering about in the my flower gardens. And while you might find me with clippers in my hand you can rest assured that I am not really gardening since true 'gardening" is work for early morning when you are rested and ready to greet the day as well as thorny vines and the occasional snake(eek!).  Evenings are different. Often during the Spring and Summer we dine at  a charming little table on our amazing front porch that Doc built with his very own hands. Ceiling fans whipping the air and the sound or crickets instead of a CD on the player.  It is heaven.

When dinner is over, Doc pulls out his laptop or his Nook, the boys get their scooters or maybe like tonight they practice their fly-fishing casts. I grab my garden gloves and my snips and start my very lazy putter around the front yard inspecting my flower beds and  rose bushes.

The puppies frolic about the front yard on their leads ( we live on a very busy street, nothing else would be safe) and I make my way around planning, dreaming and snipping  ( dead heading) if I feel so inclined.  Evening light is gracious and it's easier to over look the parts  that need still to be weeded, the Crepe Myrtles that need pruning and the  multiple wheel barrows full of mulch that I need to move into the  beds. 

Puttering is not a time to think about such real work things. It is for dreaming bigger dreams about herb gardens  and watching  for the first fire fly ( and bat) of the night. It's time for me to be in my own head and to relax in a more holistic way than sitting in front of a computer or watching tv since rarely after either of those pursuits do I feel rested and yet alive and aware and that is indeed what self care is about.

Of course you don't need a garden to enjoy puttering around. In fact in the deep heat of Summer and in the Winter you will find me poking around my studio, fussing with ribbon, doing a lazy organization of thread or just looking at my glorious range of supplies and dreaming up new projects.  It's all fair game.  I know a scrapbooker who likes nothing better than to fondle and putter with her amazing stash of paper, stickers and stamps. And a photographer who spends their puttering time playing with Photoshop with no goal in mind but to explore. It all heals the soul, and calms the mind, what more can you ask?

How do you putter about?

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