Soldering Jewelry -Take Chances Necklace

While the rest of the world might be watching the SuperBowl I am having a delightful Sunday crafting up a storm and using my favorite Graphics Fairy images. .. Really how can you not love this one... what a fantastic image !

Whenever I see this mighty bird I always think of the story about them sticking their heads in the sand to avoid the hard and the scary of life... what a better twist to help me remember to take chances!!

I used some medical grade glass slides ( thanks Diane!) and an image from the GF for this and then sealed it by soldering it closed.  I make quite a bit of my own jewelry with this technique and really enjoy it.

Since I was sort of on a roll I then took a glass heart that I have had  F O R E V E R and noticed that it was the same size at the floral image on the front of a sweet thank you card I got from a creative little soul.  Seemed like divine direction to me, so I made it into a paperweight!

I used wavy copper tape to create this cute pie-crust edge of solder... The whole back is soldered as well to protect the image.

For those who would be interested in learning more about this or how to do it.. these are the products I started with.. I am only going to list the ones I found helpful with a couple notes about each..

 I started with the "Simply Swank" Complete Craft Jewelry Soldering Kit - Tools & Materials  I got mine at a local craft shop and there it was a bit more expensive than the Amazon price. I compared it to putting together the items alacart and at that point it was still a better deal, looks like it still is since it has everything you need to start.

  I also purchased this book and still refer back to it when I am trying to figure out a tricky bit. Simple Soldered Jewelry & Accessories: A Crafter's Guide to Fashioning Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets & More  I see it is now MUCH cheaper than when I got it.. lucky you.. but I still am thrilled to have it since locally there were not classes I could take to learn from someone else!

Speaking of classes-

After the book I found out there was a video.. SCORE.. this is like a class in a box.. easy to watch and you can watch it whenever. Simply Solder Techniques For Creating Soldered Art - DVD - Lisa Bluhm  Well worth it if you are someone who needs to SEE something to understand it.

So there you go.. my soldering secrets are now yours!.. go forth and make something!

Most links are via my Amazon affiliate page- happy shopping!

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deb said...

Thank you for the recommendation on a soldering kit. Many, many years ago, the Navy taught me how to solder and I've forgotten. Now I have a starting point.