The Unfitted Kitchen

Hello there sun glare!

Well it seems some photos from my kitchen have been pinned to someone's Pinterest board since all of a sudden I am getting a lot of traffic from people coming to see some half-assed photos of my unfitted kitchen.

These might possibly be on a board called ~Will she ever finish that Kitchen?~.  Yes folks, 10 year into owning this old house and my kitchen is still not done.. and in fact it has been so long undone that there are things I will be changing before it ever does get done!.. C*R*A*Z*Y.

As mentioned my kitchen in unfitted.. meaning I have few if any real "kitchen cabinets".. I have shelves, funky vintage furniture and pie safes to hold canned goods but very little of what you might often find in a kitchen.  This piece is one of the newest-  .. it sits next to the stove and holds my overflow of cookbooks and other such things.. I like it but  it is not quite perfect for the space, but good enough for now.. and sometimes that is good enough!

For those interested in a bit more about unfitted design  I have pulled together a few links for you.. I am swell like that :)

English Style Unfitted Kitchen 

Unfitted eye candy

Some ideas and great use of vintage furniture

While most people don't want to go totally unfitted I think that bringing in a least one piece of  stand alone furniture to a kitchen really softens the room and makes it more homey.. if you are thinking about this look towards some of the older pieces out there for great personality and detail- it is amazing what just a single unfitted piece can do for a kitchen!

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I wish I could find space in my kitchen for an unfitted piece! Grass is always