Boredom is not the Devil - The Unprogrammed Summer

Keepin it Cool this Summer

Summer officially starts this week. With many schools starting back the first week of August it seems that Summer is shunted into a smaller block of real-estate each year and I for one am pushing back on that notion. 

In fact,  I can't even say that for us summer even feels like it has begun since my kids have had an unusual number of obligations and events that are slated as "summer camps" but they really just feel like more academic obligations to the person who drives them about ( that would be me) And while they have been fantastic classes I am looking forward to the days when there are no places to be and our biggest decision of the day is should we have cantaloupe or watermelon after we take a dip in the pool.

While most people pack their kids into camp after camp each summer I tend to think that time at home is what most kids need. Down time, time to think and lay in a hammock. To stay up late catching fireflies and reading books that don't require a 200 word summation at the end of the last page. Time to eat melty popsicles and make icecream and then eat it for breakfast. To haul out scrap lumber and add another precarious feature to the treehouse.  And yes a chance to get BORED.

Boredom is a invitation to learn something new! Unprogramed joy!

Yes, give your children a chance to be bored. Boredom is not the devil, it is an invitation to expanded thinking, risk taking ( in the best way) and is a time for them to find the resources within themselves to become the kind of children who no longer need to be entertained or who live dependent on the TV, computer or video games - it is a beautiful thing!

 Next time an intriguing list of things your children might enjoy trying!.. in the meantime here is my best summer memory