Solutions for the A.D.D. Homemaker

I ran into my living room this very second and snapped this photo, no primping, no creative angles to obscure a mess, just real life. It is not perfect evidenced by the power saw and pile of stuff to go to donation sitting on the bench but it is a far cry from how you would have found 2 months ago. I did not like the mess but seemed to not be able to rise above it. Let alone I got very distracted in the process!

Something had to change.. and it did!

You see about a month ago the man left town for a week taking with him the youngest boys. I stayed home and cleaned. In fact it was more than cleaning it was rebooting our life in the direction of peace, organization and sanity!

It took a solid week of my cleaning, de-junking and donating stuff we no longer needed. Books and clothes, kitchen items and gifts that never got used. I worked from 7 am till well after midnight most days to make this transformation happen and it was one of the best things I have ever done. 

Along with the purging came a set of habits/ alarms that are now 30 days strong and making a huge difference in how this house feels and my sanity.   I encourage you to create your own basic sanity list this summer and see how it works out. 

I am A.D.D - I use my cell phone to set multiple alarms that ring each day that remind of chores I need to do. I even play a silly game with myself where I try to get my chores does before the alarm - yes I am nuts!

Wake up alarm - 7am
Medication alarm -  8am
Laundry alarm - 9am
Dinner prep alarm - 10am
Lunch - 1pm
Sweep/mop kitchen-2pm ( yes everyday)
Oversee chores/ Tidy house - 4pm
Start Dinner - 6pm
Evening laundry - 9pm

What about you? What do you do to keep you day on track?


Unknown said...

This is an amazing list. I am so impressed that you sweep and mop everyday. I need to do better but I hate doing floors. Even the carpeted area. I have never enjoyed the sound of the vacuum cleaner.

Chloe said...

Prior to starting blogging, I had a fairly set routine schedule and then it all fell to pieces when I started writing a lot. Then other stuff happened and then I had extensive surgery. All that to say that my routine has gone kaput!

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning and it felt so good. I like orderliness in my life. The cell phone alarm system sounds like a good idea.