The Unprogrammed Summer

So I posted earlier in the week about the idea of a unprogrammed summer. A time to chill and enjoy life without micromanaging every second that your kid is awake with camps and lessons.

But unprogrammed does not mean boring ( but a little boredom can be a good thing). What I am talking about is a buffet of possibilities none of which has to be done but many which might intrigue your children and set them on a path of exploration.

A Great place to start is with 50 Dangerous things. Life today is pretty secure ( DULL) for most middle class kids, no where near the adventure fulled romp in the woods that my childhood was and sometimes I am sorry that my kids are missing out on those sorts of things. This book has lots of ideas to add a bit of thrill/danger into your child's life. ( Don't worry there is no chainsaw juggling involved!)

But if that is too much for you how about Slacklining? It is all the craze, not really all that dangerous, you can set it up in your back yard and the kids will try it for HOURS! This is top on our summer challenge list!

One of the best DVDs on the subject is Gibbon Slacklines 101 DVD but you can also find a lot of you tube videos!

And if you want to buy some line to try it out Gibbon Classic Slacklines  are said to be the best and the ones used by most of the teens and young adults I know.

The video and line are currently listed on Amazon prime so no shipping charges for a lot of summer fun.. I can't wait to share our  slack-adventure with all of you!

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