Embroidered Paisley Necklace - Take 4 Tutorial

While I have been really busy quilting and getting the boys ready to get back to lessons in September taking  time for a bit of handwork was a nice little break. As I mentioned last week this project was inspired by Jodi over at Sewfearless. She did a great tutorial for this so I am going to go rather brief on mine so if you have any questions please drop me a note in the comments section.

The floss I used was Cosmos that I bought from Bari J and the paisley bezel came from Hobby Lobby.

The stitches were an overblown daisy made to look like a fall mum, spiderweb roses and French knots. I really packed a lot of embroidery in a very small space to get that lush baroque look of a tapestry.

To start I cut a template out of some paper by laying the paper over the bezel and running my fingernail over the edge of the indent to make an impression line I could then cut on.

Next I used this template to mark a piece of gray linen with the outline and I then embroidered into that area in a random full way.

I used my template to cut a thin but stiff piece of tag board to fit inside the bezel. I cut out my embroidery and then wrapped and glued it around this piece of tagboard.

I then glued this into the bezel with some common crafting glue that dries clear.

I am loving this so much I went back to pick up a couple more bezels and have ideas for others!  How about you.. what would you stitch?

p.s. go ahead... Pin-it.. you know you want to do this!

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