Friction Is The Enemy of the Big Girl Runner

Today ends week 4 of my Big Girl Runs project... and today's training sucked!

Do I look like a happy camper?.. I sure do not feel like one. Today was not good but I did it and I suspect that is the important part.

 In the two mile loop that I am training on I am now up to running about 1/2 of it but still broken up into segments which given that I have not had any exercise in over 23 year is probably not too shabby ( or at least that is what I am telling myself!)

I am running a bit further each time with less gasping and "trout on the bank" breathing between so that is good.

My running bras are still FANSTATIC but I will be happy to a bit of cooler weather to get here so I can ditch the skort and wear longer  legged running shorts since these while very comfortable roll on my upper thigh and then my ever so attractive pooches of fat rub together.

I fear if I run like that too long the friction might start some sort of flash fire and that would not be good!

To combat friction in general I have been relying on a couple of products with good results.

Band-AID Friction Block   This is becoming my go-to product for combating friction both for my thighs as well as on my upper arms ( yep, big girl problem) I have also found it fantastic for use with my summer sandals and my everyday bras ( have not needed it with my running bras!). The only down side to this product is the small size of the container. I would prefer a large deodorant sized tube for easier application but otherwise.. love it!

Glide Anti-Chafe  This one I stole from my husband and was my first experience with an anti-chafe product and wow.. what a difference using one can make. And honestly it is not even just for big girls it is for anyone who gets spots that rub and irritate. The also make this one in a formula just for women but from what I can tell that just means they add a powder-scent to it. This works well, does have the larger size stick but the downside here is that I can only get it at the running store where I can get the other at my local drug store.

What products do you like to combat the dreaded friction and chafing?

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