Homemade Halftees - A Take 4 Tutorial

Summer is a wonderful time to really enjoy fun flirty dresses with the down side being that SO many of the styles make no allowances for wearing a supportive bra or being a bit more discrete at places like church or in the workplace.

The solution to this problem for many are cute and easy to wear Halftees  but these can get expensive if you need multiple colors or styles.

Sewing to the rescue! And now is the time with places like Target putting their summer t-shirts and tanks on clearance. I got the tank for this tutorial for a sweet $4!

Of course another great place to find candidates for this project is your local thrift shop. There you will find tons of colors to go with everything you own!

You will need:
1 tank top
Enough stretch lace or lingerie elastic to go around your rib cage
Sewing machine with zig zag or stretch stitch

1) Put on the tank and mark under your  breasts ( near your bra band) and then add about an inch. Mark at this location and cut off the bottom part of the shirt. 

2) Choose stretch lace ( harder to find) or  Lingerie elastic long enough to go around your rib cage less 2 inches.  Make a loop out of the elastic and sew it into a circle. Mark the circle of elastic at 4 equidistant points and then match these points up to the side seams as well as center front and back on the tank.

3)Using a stretch stitch or zig zag apply the elastic to the bottom of the tee by lightly stretching the elastic to meet the points as you sew around.  

4) To get the  lace to pull up a bit use a shot of steam from your iron and then let the garment cool.  As it cools reflect on the money you saved and plan to make another one!  This one took 14 minutes from trying it on till done!

With the length ending right at the bra line and the elastic to hold it snug this little crop-tee adds no bulk to the waist and yet adds coverage right where you want it so you can wear those cute dresses you have been dying to show off... I hope you love yours as much as I am loving mine!


Lisa said...

Such a great idea!!!! I need to do this too.

Rhissanna said...

This is really wonderful. My issue isn't n wearing the pretty little summer dresses. My issue is finding the pretty little dresses. Where are they hidden? I don't mind flashing a bit of my (British winter white)skin; I just need the dress to do it in.