Quilting with Glide Thread and Magna-Glide Bobbins

Fans of Fall - Original design by yours truly 

I quilt, more to the point I quilt on a longarm. While there are many kinds and each person has their favorite I am very fond on my Avante 18 by Handi Quilter.

While these machines can be a joy to use if you are using the wrong thread the dream can be more like a nightmare that makes you doubt why you would ever have spent so much money one anything let alone something that snaps thread and makes nests at every turn.

Bad thread makes for bad quilting so when choosing to use  a longarm or even to quilt on a domestic machine the thread you pick makes a BIG difference.

So far in my two year quilting adventure I have used quite a few different types of thread all with mixed results in different circumstances. Some were down right awful some and were all right but linted so bad that I could have stuffed a small toy on what I pulled out of my bobbin case each hour!

Some were beautiful but too heavy for many applications and others broke so often that I would cry in frustration - once so much so that I pulled the quilt off the machine and gave it to the dog to sleep on rather than finish with the particular thread!

So while I had heard lots of good things about Glide Thread from the ever hot and sexy quilting couple Matt and Bradie Sparrow I had to admit I ordered lite but with some hope in my heart.

 I had experience with Magna-Glide bobbins for my industrial embroidery machine and they are excellent so will admit to a glimmer of hope when it came to equal results with their longarming thread and M-sized  prewound bobbins.

My order came fast.. like 3 days fast so that was nice. What was even nicer was the colors and feel of the thread.. a nice quite sheen  and matching bobbins for much of what I ordered!

The white, cream blue and gray were purchased from their Maga-Glide Delights collection which has matching thread and bobbins in 52 or so shades the large cones were in the Brandy Rice collection and the colors are yummy!

Best of all this thread stitched like a dream, a real dream with not one bad spot or thread break for the WHOLE QUILT.  Not  a hitch with the Gray or the brassy color I used..  Fans of Fall ( seen at top) used 3 full M sized bobbins and a size 16 needle without a single hitch.. the angels sang and I am one happy quilter!

* I was not compensated for this post in anyway, just a happy camper quilter.


Gene Black said...

Have you tried this thread on a domestic machine? I am very curious as to how it would work. I love trying new products. LOL.

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Gene I have not but I will put some on and give it a spin.. what are you wanting to know about it??


Jan in CA said...

I have been using Glide on my Avante since I got it. It is absolutely wonderful. The only times I have had thread breaks have been due to user error. I find it a bit "slippery" so need to check my upper tension, but other than that, every one of my quilts come out beautiful. As far as using it on domestic machines, I use it all the time. I embroider with it and even use it to piece quilts and sew garments. All in all, it is a fabulous thread at a reasonable price.