Running Bras for Plus Size Runners

Today celebrates the third run/walk of my second week of training ( Go me!). I have made some major progress in just these two weeks. I have gone from looking like a dying trout with a tragic post run gasp for air to one who can actually speak just moments after running.. which of course means I need to kick up the amount I am running!

Besides shoes for running ( which I am going to talk about since there are more considerations for bigger girls) the next most important piece of clothing you will purchase is a good running bra.

Gracious knows that you can find running  or "sports" bras just about anywhere but honestly most of them have  about as much support as an ex-husband and they give out just as quick as well!

Fiona in pink

While not all big girls come with big chests many of us do and this makes finding the right support critical for breast health and running comfort.  This comfort and protection comes at a cost but given the cost of other running gear a $40-$60 bra is a small investment given all that it is doing for you.

My running adviser at Fast Break Athletics in Chattanooga TN  turned me on to Moving Comfort Sports Bras. I was suspicious at first, the bras looked well made but simple, too good to be true - but she assured me  I would love it as I went to the dressing room.  Oh happy day a bra engineered for support that really goes the distance, I really did love it!  In fact I loved two different style from Moving Comfort.

On my visit to Fast Break I purchased two bras.  I knew one could be drying while the other being worn and that switching them out along with proper cold water washing and air drying would greatly extend the life of my bras

My first try on was the Fiona with it's fantastic and easily adjustable straps as well as back closure and NON-racer back style. ( I know I am in the minority here but I find Racer back bras uncomfortable on my neck) Simple molded cup area means no seams on the inside to rub or irritate. Excellent coverage both in front and under the arms.. this bra has it all.

Fiona is also what is called a high-impact bra in that it is made for really moving. I can testify that as a 40 DD this bra supports so well that I don't feel any breast movement at all.  I would say that the only down side to this style is that with it's superb but comfortable compression it can give a bit of a uni-boob look but for such comfort and support that is a pretty easy trade off if you are only wearing it while running.

 My next Moving Comfort bra is the Maia which combines underwire support more shaping ( less uni-boob) and a slightly padded cup ( no nipple show through) into high impact running bra that is totally comfortable.

Honestly this one had me more baffled than the first.. underwire?.. comfortable?  YES... in fact let me get on a roof top somewhere and yell that.. YES!!!! the Maia is fantastic and also a back closure bra ( luv!)

This bra actually has a cami as part of the design making it modest as well as adding more support. I mean I am not one to shun showing some cleavage but when running I like to keep things in their place if you know what I mean!

So two weeks and both I and "the girls" are happily running 3 days a week - One girl, One goal!

Next time- Chafing, and  summer misery solution!


Greta @gfunkified said...

That's awesome! Running is such a big commitment (to do it well and consistently) and there are so many factors involved. One, of course, being comfort. These sounds like fantastic bras!

NotaSupermom said...

Not a problem I have, but I shared this on Facebook for my friends with big 'uns who run.

Unknown said...

I'll have to check these out. I stopped buying sport bras because they look so awful under clothing. Working out is not about being cute, but you don't want to look deformed in the boob area either. So I end up wearing regular bras and not getting the support I need.

Thanks for the review.

Anne said...

Right now I'm making do with a Target sports bra, but it's not doing the job! Thanks for the recommendation.

Denise @ Do you have that in my size??? said...

Great review, thanks for sharing!

I love the selection and wish they had plus sized bras in smaller cup sizes (they only go to 40 in B cups - bummer).

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Denise, I think as more of us make our need known the more response we will see from those who make quality products like moving comfort does. Write them a note! :)


Shelley said...

These sound wonderful. Good support is hard to find. It's really hard to find a bra that fits well regardless. I have never found a good sports bra but these look like they would work fine.

DB Landes said...

This is great! I'm always on the lookout for a great plus sized sports bra. I hope you don't mind but I linked to this on my Love Your Bra page.

Beth Zimmerman said...

"... most of them have about as much support as an ex-husband" - best line ever! Cracked me up!

I don't run. But I am working up to more consistent working out and have fought far too many sports bra battles! I'll definitely look into these!

Anonymous said...

I as a big athlete love moving comfort and am with you that the racer back isn't great. Maybe it a smaller chest feature.