Running With Five Bags Of Sugar

I am overweight, in fact by all charts I am obese and don't you think I LOVE typing that! Give or take a slice of pie* I weigh about 180 pounds and have been as much as 220.  It does not mean I am  sloppy, or lazy or un-creative but on my 5'5.5 frame it does  mean I am fat.

When I run ( or attempt to run- since it is about 1 minute at a time right now) I am running with  at least 5 bags of sugar strapped to my body.  That makes running harder than it needs to be for sure but I am doing it anyway.  

A lot of people wait to run until they have " lost the weight" well given that I have had a lot of this weight for 23 years I am thinking that I had just better start running and let the weight take care of it self.. no excuses.  Good shoes - yes, good bras - hell yes!  excuses- not any more.

Today was hard- we were rushed, two of us forgot our water bottles. There were some tears and a bit of cursing but we did it. Week three run #1 is done!

One Girl - One Goal

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Round Rock Gal said...


I would like to lose at least 3 bags of sugar myself - 4 would be awesome, but I'll settle for 3. I too started a running program and am finding it challenging to say the least. For as much as I would really like to ditch the whole thing I know I have to do complete the task I set out for. Maybe not the 1/2 marathon like I (stupidly) said I wanted to do, but at the very least a 5 or 10K. I've never done something like this before so following through would be a huge accomplishment for me.

Good luck on your end!