Rustic Fig Tart with Orange Ricotta Cream - A Take 4 Tutorial

My love for figs borders on naughty.. I will eat them any time so of course summer is extra sweet since fresh figs abound and I am lucky enough to have many FWFT's  (friend with fig trees).

Last night I was really jazzing on the idea of a simple rustic dessert and with some figs on hand this was pretty darn easy.  The mixture of the rich ricotta cheese, the sweet of the figs.. the mellow buttery flavor of the puff pastry.. well it is just heaven. 

This recipe use about 20 figs.. 15 for the tart, 5 for the cook. (1)  Start by cutting the figs in half and sauteing them in a bit of butter and 1TBl of Demera Sugar until slightly soft but not falling apart mushy. Leave them in the pan to rest and the butter and sugar to thicken -

The filling is easy to make up -  mix together...1 small container ricotta2 eggsOrange flavoring or a bit of zest.Orange marmalade if you got it.. two big spoons full

(3) Open up the puff pastry ( Pepridge Farm in this case) that has been defrosted but is not yet soft, create a puff pastry shell by scoring a border on the the PP about 1 inch in on all sides, this will allow the pastry to puff up and make a lip so your filling stays in place. On a baking  place your dough square and prick the bottom with a fork. Spread ricotta mixture inside the border you scored. Then place figs on top.

Sprinkle crust with some sugar if you are of the mind ( I was) 

(4)  Bake at 400 until golden brown, check the bottom with a spatula to make sure it has a nice brown color.

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